Why is my supply listed as a 'business supply' and not a domestic?

  • 8 February 2019
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Why when I try to get a price comparison do I get the message "unable to switch non domestic meters" This has happened twice once when a supplier called me and now on a comparison site.


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11 replies

Hello, having neared the end of my fixed contract with OVO I decided to have a look round at different suppliers.
However it seems that the smart meters you installed at my property are known as "complex meters" and as such are preventing ing me from switching suppliers!
Can this situation be explained as it seems wholly unacceptable
I'm having the same issue. Account Number: *edited by moderator*
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I don`t know if it helps or not but my account number is *edited by moderator*. I tried another comparison site today and had no problems getting prices. Problems may arise if i tried to switch, present contract finishes in June.
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Hi @100342722

"Complex meters" could mean a number of things. We wouldn't be able to say for certain without a bit more information.

If you'd like to post some pictures of the meters in question on this thread, we'd be happy to take a closer look!

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Welcome to the OVO online community - great question to ask about why you’re having trouble switching away.

It's very unlikely that we'd have registered your supplies as industrial ones, as we don't supply businesses, only private homes. What’s more likely is  your property has smart meters, which send the readings to the energy industry every half hour. This makes sure we’re able to anticipate your energy demand more efficiently and is an important part of de-carbonizing the grid on our journey to Plan Zero

This ‘half hourly settlement’ is listed on the national database as a profile class 0, which up until 2019 was only for business listings. This is an industry wide change so all suppliers should be aware of this update and able to onboard a customer. However, there are a lot of suppliers who still don’t have this functionality.


We can change the way your meters are listed on the national database so that it’s not half hourly, in order to avoid confusion from another supplier. Reach out to our Support Team to request this update. Once requested it takes around 2 - 4 weeks for the listing to be updated. Please be aware that as this relies on the actions of a third party, unfortunately we’re unable to speed this process up, however it might be worth contacting your prospective supplier to check whether they are able to request your switch without needing an update to your address listing.


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Hi Tim, Thanks for your input. I am not due to renew my contract till June this year, this cropped up when (XXX) company called at the house to give me prices. One comparison site came back with the same message. You can leave my smart meter set as it is. Provided OVO still have good rates I will not switch when the time comes as I am happy where I am. Thanks again.
Hi- I have been registered as a business rather than domestic energy account when the transfer from economy energy happened. How do I change it back to domestic?
Hi, I have recently found out that MPAN have my home meter registered as a business meter. How do I get it registered as a residential meter?
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Hi- I have been registered as a business rather than domestic energy account when the transfer from economy energy happened. How do I change it back to domestic?

Here's the topic you want, @Fowlerl60s - my 'best answer' at the top explains what's happened ☺️
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@JChambler, take a look at the best answer at the top, this will answer your question! 🙂
ah I see. Thank you @Eva_OVO I understand it now.