Why is my supply listed as a 'business supply' and not a domestic?

  • 8 February 2019
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Why when I try to get a price comparison do I get the message "unable to switch non domestic meters" This has happened twice once when a supplier called me and now on a comparison site.


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7 replies

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Welcome to the OVO online community. Great question to ask about why you’re having trouble switching away.

Sorry to hear your switch is being delayed due to the way your supply is listed on the national database. What’s likely is  your property has smart meters, which send the readings to the energy industry every half hour. This makes sure we’re able to anticipate your energy demand more efficiently and is an important part of de-carbonising the grid on our journey to Plan Zero

This ‘half hourly settlement’ is listed on the national database as a profile class 0, which up until 2019 was only for business listings. This is an industry wide change so all suppliers should be aware of this update and able to onboard a customer. However, there are a lot of suppliers who still don’t have this functionality.


We can change your entry on the national database so that it’s not listed as half hourly settled, in order to avoid confusion from another supplier. Reach out to our Support Team to request this update. Once requested it takes around 2 - 4 weeks for the listing to be updated. Please be aware that as this relies on the actions of a third party, unfortunately we’re unable to speed this process up, however it might be worth contacting your prospective supplier to check whether they are able to request your switch without needing an update to your address listing.


Hope this helps get things sorted and your switch back on track!


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Ovo did fix something (thank you!)  a while back it seems, and just emailed me this:

I have checked your account and I can see that the profile class for the meter point administration number xxxxxxxxxxxxx was changed on the 15/07/2022. I am sorry that you were not updated. If you try and switch now you should have no issues


uswitch used to say:   "we are unable to switch non-domestic meters”  presumably when we had the wrong profile class

now uswitch says: “Looks like you have a business meter”, presumably as we have 30min billing for V2G


@Blastoise186  I’m confused by your comment “As I understand things, your V2G will remain active for as long as you’re still on supply with OVO.”.  I had thought the v2g trial was over, and ovo were stopping v2g payments jan 2023.  At which point it is sensible for me to move to an elec car type tariff.  Is there any chance ovo will keep it going?  If so I’d rather just stay, it’s less effort!

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Hi @RobL and thanks for posting about this. 


@Blastoise186 is correct about those V2G exports continuing whilst you’re still with OVO:



As for the business listing from Uswitch, my understanding is the same as yours, being that it’s half hourly settlement that results in your electricity supply showing as profile class 0. I’m unsure of the change that was put in place on the 15/07/22, but my advice is to head to the experts on V2G and OVO accounts, the OVO smart home team, email them on: - they should be able to outline your options...

As title says I have recently tried to switch from OVO but the new supplier tells me that they cant as my profile class is incorrect at 00 (Business) instead of 01 (Domestic).

I have been in touch with OVO ‘Support’ team and have found the process to be very frustrating with exceptionally long hold times and even being cutoff before anyone answered after waiting 9minutes and 56 seconds. Other times it has been a 45 minute wait before someone answers only to be told that my class looks correct as on my bill it shows as 01.

I have spoken directly with my DNO (SSE) who have informed me that the class is indeed incorrect and can only be updated by my current supplier.

Even speaking to someone on the chat takes an age and are generally clueless about this issue.

How do I raise this issue so that it can be sped up? I am losing money at this point since I would be on a cheaper tariff if I could move!

Very unhappy with the customer support at OVO.

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Hi @machasm ,

Profile Class 00 used to be business-only back in the day, and would actually result in OVO refusing to supply you if that was still the case to this day, but it no longer applies. However, some suppliers are slow to catch up with the fact 00 can now be for domestic customers as well and still (incorrectly) reject switches as a result. It’s more about the half-hourly settlement these days!

OVO can help “fix” this issue with a workaround. The Support Team are able to request that your profile class gets changed to 01 so that it doesn’t choke suppliers who are being stubborn. Ultimately, everyone else needs to catch up as that’s the only way to truly fix it across the board!

However, I hear you. As a forum volunteer I’m afraid I can’t help to fix this problem, but I can recommend the next steps. Please try the complaints process at and use the contact form there - it’s the fastest way to make sure your complaint is sent off correctly.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your help. @Blastoise186 .

You are spot on with your diagnosis and someone in chat has made the change. Hoping it gets updated soon.

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No worries, glad I could help.

If the request has gone in, it may take a few weeks to fully rollout across everything, but you should be able to switch again after that. Make sure to wait for confirmation first though!