Why have OVO taken over a supply of my property when I didn't request this?

  • 29 August 2020
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ive found out today that OVO have taken over the supply of a rental property i own without authority, providing fictitious meter readings to E-on.

E-on, equally incompetent, cant tell me who instigated this but as i’m the bill payer and i havent so it amounts to fraud and identity theft. 

Ovo are shut  - sound like a great scam going on here OVO - identify vacant letting properties, take control on an unknown tariff and give fictitious readings to the outgoing supplier. send the bills at an inflated tariff to a vacant property. Sharp practices which i shall be taking up with the ombudsman


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Updated on 30/08/23 by Emmanuelle_OVO


I’m really  sorry to hear that your supply has been unexpectedly switched to OVO.  This is likely an ‘Erroneous Transfer’ (ET). 

An ET refers to when a property has been switched by mistake.

Why can this happen?

  • There’s a mistake on the national gas/electricity database (either with your address or meter details)
  • There’s been a human or systems error when switching
  • You details have been used fraudulently to switch


As an energy customer, you’re protected if this happens and retain the right to be with your preferred supplier. More info here.

How would I spot this?

  • You might receive an email or letter from your current supplier saying “Sorry to hear you’re leaving”, but you don’t want to leave
  • You receive your welcome letter from a new supplier and notice your address/details are wrong
  • You receive a final bill

How can it be resolved?

  • Either one of the suppliers can get in touch with the other to advise of the ET
  • We will confirm some information so we can make sure we’re taking the right steps
  • You’ll be transferred back to the right supplier, which can take around 12 weeks
  • Your Direct Debit with your correct supplier will continue
  • The correct supplier will bill you for the ET period once the process is complete
  • If you need to contact us, see our call and web chat details here
  • You can also see our full complaints procedure, which includes the steps you’d need to take before referring the issue to the Ombudsman here.