Why am I seeing an error message when I try to set-up an account online?

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I need to open a new account for my rental property. I am the landlord and the most recent tenants have left. I get this error message: 

Oops, there’s a problem…

Sorry, we are currently unable to offer you a quote. Please check back soon

Any idea why ? Tried yesterday and got the same message. I’m not switching suppliers as the tenant used OVO.


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Updated on 08/09/23 by Emmanuelle_OVO

This is a strange one, @juliamc.


Did the error message appear when you entered the address on our ‘Moving Home’ page? We would expect you to be able to create an account online regardless of whether the existing account at that address has been closed, so I’m wondering if there might be a pesky bug about. 🐛


If you’re still unable to get things sorted online, our Support Team can get this set-up over the phone, 0330 303 5063.


I hope this helps get things set-up.

I switched from Scottish Power to OVO approximately 8 weeks ago. My online account is still not fully set up, it says “Officially On Supply, Getting Your Account Ready”. As such, I cannot access my metre readings or sign up for OvO Anytime because the account isn’t fully set up.


Tried phoning OVo Customer Services twice and given a reference number and told they would contact me. Nobody has been in touch.

Anyone experienced similar and have any advice to get it resolved? 



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Howdy @rpg28 ,

Let me send this backstage to discuss with the others. Back soon!

Thanks did you manage to find anything out?

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Hi @rpg28,


I’m sorry you haven’t had access to your online account so far. 


I’m going to have our Forum_Support team reach out to you so they can help you further with this. Look out for a private message here soon: