What happens to my current British Gas PAYG smart meter credit if I switch to OVO?

  • 18 March 2021
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I recently moved into a new (rented) property which was supplied by British Gas.  It has a smart meter and was initially set to use PAYG topups.  I want to switch to OVO on a monthly DD.

What will happen to my existing credit on the meters that I have already topped up?


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In simple terms, British Gas would refund any credit left on your smart prepayment (PAYG) meters after you’ve switched to a new supplier. This is usually refunded within 6 weeks of a switch but you may want to confirm their refund process by contacting them directly.


As you mention wanting to switch to a Pay Monthly plan with OVO, it’s worth checking with British Gas that they’re able to update your meter-mode. In order to join us, you’d need to make sure your smart meters are changed in to a ‘credit’ mode before your switch date. As OVO don’t currently offer a PAYG plan, your switch to OVO may be rejected or re-directed to Boost, our PAYG sister company, if you join us without this remote change to your current meter set-up.

Once you’ve confirmed the meter update, you can check out our current fixed plans here.


Find out more about the switching process in the guide below.