New OVO account showing old address at previous property?

  • 1 April 2023
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Just switched over and the account shows only my old  address and nil usage etc since I moved out in May last year!  None of my new details are showing, including usage and current balance.


Any suggestions?




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You can alternate between two accounts if your old and new account are still appearing:

Or, another fix is to get the Support Team to delete the email on the old account or replace it with a different email address.


Hey @Beelights,


Sorry for the issues you’re having, 


It sounds like you’re logging into your old account. Does it help when you select ‘first time logging in’ and re-set your password? Have you received your Welcome Pack yet? It may be too early for your new Online Account to be set up. 

Thanks for the reply. In the end I found customer services and they added my new address to the same account as the old one and then detached my existing email from the old account. It did the trick! I still don't have any idea why am I existing email migrated to over with my old address but seems like it is resolved now.

In 2019/20 I was an ovo customer using the app and on line portal. I then switched to see and they have since been taken over by ovo. I can't access my sse account anymore and get the sign up to ovo screen. When I have switched I log in with my email it takes me to my old account. This is so frustrating as I can't see my account and funds anymore.

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This is an easy fix. Simply ask OVO Support to remove your email address from the old account.

I left Ovo in 2021 and moved to SSE. I’ve now been migrated back to Ovo but my online account only shows bills and account number from 2021. I’ve used the link I was sent to open new Ovo online account but it still only showing old account number and details. Is it just a glitch that will sort its self out or a problem that needs sorting. 

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Exactly this question was asked recently in this thread !