Multiple meters- OVO having issues taking on all supplies

Can anyone help?

We have a big old house with some grounds. Between the garages and an old farm building we have 5 meters , 2 gas, 3 electric.

It seems to be impossible to get OVO to take all 5 meters. They will, and have taken 2 but always seem to throw up problems with more meters on one account or one site. Has anyone experienced this and is there any way around it? 




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Howdy @Energyboy !

We might be able to figure this out, but I could do with seeing photos of all the meters. Could you do that for us?

Sorry, I can’t do that. I am not on site, just responsible for the bills!

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That’s ok. Bear with me as I’m checking forum resources. I’ll stop by when I have something for you!

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Ok, I’m back!

I think OVO might be able to support this setup, but it would require multiple accounts and it might not be possible to set everything up the normal way.

I’m going to flag this up backstage and see what thoughts I get.

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Updated on 12/09/23 by Emmanuelle_OVO

Hey @Energyboy,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


It may be due to the particular meter set up, or how they appear on the national database. We don’t have access to your account on the Forum so we can only cast assumptions.


If you have an account with OVO it might be worth contacting our Support Team via web chat with photos of your meters, these can then be forwarded to our metering or transfers team for them to investigate this further for you. They should be able to give you an explanation as to why we can’t take on all the supplies, or any changes that need to take place before we do take over.


Hope this helps. 

ok , thanks for your help,