Just moved in and changed to Utility Warehouse- Why have OVO blocked my switch?

  • 8 October 2022
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I have choose electricity service of UW. But they told me, my current supplier has blocked my switch or prevented the switch from going through. What can I do for it? My address is *Edited by Mod*. Because i am new here. I just move in 1st Oct. My landlord tell me the last tenant may not pay the last bill. So i need your help. And what should i do next?


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Exciting to hear you’ve moved into your new home!


If your new home is supplied by OVO, you can call our Support Team on 0330 303 5063, we’re open Monday- Friday 9am to 5pm. Or, if you’d prefer to do it all online you can sign up here


Once you put in your new address details the website will recognise we already supply your new home and give you a quote based on the usage figures we have for the property. 


We have some great guides which might answer any other questions you may have about this topic:



Once you’ve set up your account, we’ll email you a welcome pack within 5 working days. This will confirm your new account details… It's now time to set up your Online Account!


For more information check out this helpful tutorial: 




If you have just moved in, you cannot switch supplier without first setting up an account with the existing supplier - it’s possible whoever that is, thinks you’re trying to evade paying the bill that you owe in the meantime, so is within their rights to block your switch.

If that supplier is OVO, please call 0330 303 5063 on Monday to set up an account. If you’re asked for an account number, press the Hash # Key and then choose the option for having recently signed up.

To be honest, it’s not worth switching away anyway. Stick with the existing supplier - it’s better.

Hi. I bought a house on November 3rd. My address is *Edited by Mod*. I am trying to put gas in my house but without success. Today british gas informed me that your company OVO is blocking the transfer. I have never had any account with you and have never used your services. Can you explain this to me and allow me to put gas on my new property.

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Hi @Kosti89 ,

Is this about your gas supply? The best place to check would be if that’s the case. If it’s for electricity, you’ll need to call your DNO.

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Your post is a little unclear. Are you trying to get a new gas connection to a house that hasn't previously had one? Or does your house already have a gas supply and you are trying to arrange for a company (British Gas?) to provide that supply.


If it's the first case then you need to contact the gas network operator for your area. Use the link @Blastoise186 has provided to find out who that is.


If it is the second case then you can still use the link to find out which energy company currently provide the gas supply. The easiest option is likely to be to set up an account with them before transferring to your provider of choice.

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Hey @Kosti89,


Welcome to the OVO Online Community,


I can see other community members have already given some helpful advice here.


Just wanted to clarify, if you’ve moved into a home supplied by OVO and haven’t set up an interim account, we would block the switch. This is because you inherit the existing supplier when you move into a property, you can then choose to switch away but you’d need to pay for the energy used from the date you became liable, up until the date you switch away.


We have a great guide on this topic:



You can sign up your new home here


Hope this helps.