Can OVO install a traditional 3 Phase meter if I switch?

  • 1 September 2021
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Is OVO allowed to install nonsmart 3 phase meters?


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Hey there @DesmondL ! :)

Good question this one. OVO has recently started to test and trial a few 3-Phase SMETS2 Smart Meters to make sure things are working before making them more widely available. @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO were looking for people who were interested over the last few months. I think it should be possible to get one soon but I cant say exactly when.

The big question however… Is as you mentioned. Whether you can still get the Three-Phase Traditional meters. As far as I know, previous answers were yes on the basis that there was no upgrade path to S2 Smart Meters yet if you had a Three-Phase Supply. But I suspect the answer is likely to change once they do become available. I think OVO is allowed to install Traditional Meters in certain circumstances, but it’s more of a case-by-case basis and I can’t easily give a general answer. I’ll ask Tim if he knows more just in case there’s a better answer available.

The best I can think of right now would probably be to have a chat with the Support Team to discuss this one as it’s account specific. They can discuss your circumstances with you and decide on what’s best. Hope this helps. :)

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Thanks for the response. My current supplier says they re only doing smart and I need to move faster than ‘16 weeks’ and everyone else wants me to switch before they answer the question. You can see the quandary I can get the new supply from my DNO but no meter! At least OVO have somewhere I can find reasonable responses  

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Yeah, I hear you there! Not an easy situation to be in.

The OVO Forum is one of the best resources you can find on the internet when it comes to these things. I also want to credit websites such as SmartMe and the manufacturers of smart meters and IHDs as well as a bunch of other places, since they really do help us out a lot with resources. But it’s ultimately the community that exists here that makes up the vast majority of the content. :)

No doubt you can understand that I can’t actually make any changes happen as a forum volunteer, but I can definitely answer questions like this one even if you’re not with OVO and there’s also no obligation to sign up with OVO at all. OVO just manages the forum, but it’s volunteer led after all. :) I’m just waiting for Tim and Jess to stop by at the moment, but yeah. Hopefully an answer can be provided once they check in.

Normally, I can find something helpful fairly easily either from my own knowledge, digging through our (massive!) archives here or researching a few places that might point me in the right direction so that I can answer questions confidently. But this one is a bit more tricky because it partially relates to OVO’s policies - which I unfortunately don’t have a giant red book of. Maybe it should be something for a future merch store perhaps? XD

It’s these cases that I try to see if Tim or Jess (for example) has ever answered it somewhere on the forum before, or if there’s some other official stance anywhere on OVO’s platform like the Terms & Conditions or FAQs. Sometimes I get lucky with these policy questions by digging through those resources. But this one’s more complicated because of the fast moving pace that energy metering takes in the UK. And the answers I can give today can very easily become outdated tomorrow. I have managed to find some answers that would have nailed it for you last year... But that’s where the snag comes in - things have moved on since I last asked Tim to check this stuff and S2 Three-Phase Meters are now a thing whereas they didn’t really exist back then.

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Based on your information I made a call to the customer service centre They have confirmed short lead times for non smart 3 phase meters and all I have to do now is switch before I apply for a meter. 

Your Forum certainly helped I am still getting automated responses from one supplier.

Anyway the prices are good so I will be looking forward to becoming a customer again soon.

Sincere thanks hope this helps other domestic users thinking of going all electric 

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No worries, you’re most welcome. :)

I’ll need to wait for Tim or Jess to confirm before I can give the same answers to anyone else, but I’ll keep this in mind as a provisional update. Watch this space! The only tariff you won’t qualify for in this case is Better Smart Energy due to the enforced Smart Meter requirement, but the regular Better Energy tariff and all the others are available even without one and don’t require an upgrade.

You may need to wait a few weeks after switching before you can do the meter upgrade, but six weeks after signing up is usually long enough for the switching process to complete. If you ever decide to upgrade to a Three-Phase Smart Meter in the future, you’ll definitely be welcome to request one. But in the meantime, feel free to go with a Traditional one for now.

I’m all electric myself and I love it. I never want to go dual-fuel because I see no real need for it. But then again, my usage is low enough that I can easily get along on a Single-Phase Supply and Raichu (my S2 Aclara SGM1411-B Smart Meter) does a really good job of keeping track of my usage and submitting it to OVO very reliably. It is understandable though that some people going all-electric may need a Three-Phase upgrade to be able to handle the load without breaking something.

If you ever need help with anything else, feel free to stop by anytime. I can’t help with account specific queries or make any account changes, but we can definitely answer a lot of questions. At very least, we like to at least give you something that gets you closer to the solution. :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the OVO online community, @DesmondL.


So nice to see you’ve already had your query solved with the advice of our community volunteer, @Blastoise186, peer-to-peer support for OVO members and non-members is what we’re all about here.


If you haven’t already seen it there’s more advice on upgrading to a 3-phase meter once you’ve switched to OVO here:


The process for upgrading your supply to three phase


  1. You will be identified as needing a 3-phase supply by an electrician, due to requiring a high capacity of electricity in your property. This is usually the result of an extension to the property with more lighting or other building work.
  2. The DNO will need to attend to upgrade your main fuse to 3-phase.
  3. We book a 3-phase meter exchange (we do not have 3-phase smart meters) for a 3-phase trained engineer to upgrade your meter at the cost of £325. More info on costs here.

The booking with us is a 20 working day appointment, and our engineer or engineer contractor SMS may contact you directly to change for another date once they receive the booking. An electrician may also be required to rewire your consumer unit once the new meter has been installed, as we won't do this.


Let us know how you get on if you do decide to join us and go for the 3-phase upgrade - by sharing your story here you’ll be helping others who might have questions about the process in future. :relaxed: