Can I request to switch only one of my supplies away and keep the other with OVO?

  • 1 April 2022
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We are looking to move to the telsa tariff once we get our solar panels and tesla battery fitted, can we switch just the electric to tesla (octopus energy) and keep the gas with ovo?


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Yep, that is possible, but keep in mind it does mean having to deal with two suppliers rather than one, and you won’t be able to ask OVO for help with your electric meter and supply anymore if you do this.

If you wish to continue, sign up with your chosen supplier and they’ll notify OVO. If you later wish to switch back at some point in the future, simply sign up that supply with OVO again.

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Updated on 12/09/23 by Emmanuelle_OVO

Great to hear about the solar panels and energy storage you’ve invested in there, @pauls999


In terms of switching single fuels, this is of course possible. It’s worth bearing in mind that as a gas smart meter usually communicates to a supplier via the comms hub attached to your electricity meter, if you’re being supplied by different suppliers, this may result in a loss of gas smart meter connectivity (depending on your exact meter setup of course). Whilst this shouldn’t prevent a switch, it may be something to consider before initiating a single-fuel switch.


Slightly off topic but we’d love to hear more about how you settled on your energy storage option:



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Yes - I currently have electricity with Octopus and Gas with OVO (both on smart meter). The smart meter side of it is fine - both report to the DCC  as I can see the data via the Loop App. You might however want to consider customer care  and support though - which is far better with Octopus in my experience. I’m thinking of moving Gas over to Octopus for that reason even though the unit charge is the same (standing charge is marginally cheaper)
< just noticed this is an old thread, lol> 

I have OVO supplying my electric and EDF supplying my gas. How do I go about switching the gas supply from EDF.

I have looked on the ovo website and the quote system only seems setup to create a new account and switch either combined gas and elec supply, or just elec.

I already have smart meter v2 for both supplies

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Hi @Gary Anderson you will need to phone up OVO to do the switch