Are you accepting new gas customers at the moment?

  • 30 July 2022
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We have recently bought a house, and Cadent have connected a gas supply. We have a meter point reference number but no meter, and are choosing an energy supplier. I was told by your support team a couple of weeks ago that although you were able to switch customers who were already electricity and gas customers of other companies, you were unable to accept new gas-only customers who had no meter. Is that still the case, or have things improved?


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Hi @johnreah - a great question this and one that allows me to post an updated policy on OVO Energy taking on new connections.


OVO Energy can now take on new connections. Some details of what to do is below:


Is a new connection needed?


If you have a supply number already (MPAN for electricity, MPAN for gas) and a meter attached, you already have a new connection and you can switch via the normal way online (when available).

Are you a domestic customer?

  • Are you a domestic customer who will be living at the property
    • If no: we can only offer a new connection to domestic customers who'll be living at the property. 
    • If yes: continue to the next section below


Request a new connection

  1. We’ll need to have a check that you have the supporting infrastructure in place (as we'll only be joining the meter to the connections):
    • Electricity: cabling from the mains should already be on site
    • Gas: pipework from the gas main in the street should be on site
  2. If the main connections are available, our Support team can request a new connection from our operations team.


What you should know

  • We'll complete a few checks and confirm the date for an engineer visit
    • Please look out for this and contact us if the date isn't suitable
  • If we arrive and can't complete the new connection, we'll let you know why and next steps needed to resolve the issue
  • We'll install smart meters by default, and they'll be in pay monthly (credit/PAYM) setting
  • If you want a prepayment (PAYG) meter, we'll:
    • Install as pay monthly first
    • Check the meters are working correctly (so we don't leave you without supply)
    • Switch them to a PAYG tariff and account
    • Add any debt accrued in the PAYM setting, set at a repayment rate aligned with our current processes


Hope that helps!