"A problem has occurred..." when logging in to my OVO online account - Has my new account been set-up correctly?

  • 8 July 2022
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I am a new customer to OVO.

I moved to a flat on 9th of May 2022.
I called 0330 303 5063 soon after I moved in and have had my account set up by the operator telling her my personal information like name, phone number, email address, date of birth, etc.
I then set up OVO online account by myself, apparently with success,
but when I log-in, the site shows  "A problem has occurred" screen, as I attached below, and I cannot do anything there.
I can log in, but what I see after logging in is the attached "A problem has occurred" screen.


I have also tried Android OVO app, but similarly, the app says:

Sorry, there was a problem grabbing your account information.

and cannot do anything on it.


Then, one month later, in early June, I got the first bill by post and was surprised to see the bill addressed to

The Occupier
(my address)
(my zip code)

so I suspect that they failed to register my personal information correctly to my OVO account.

I have sent email to multiple times asking them to fix this issue, but I always get automated replies saying

It looks like you’re contacting us from an email address not connected to the account you mention in your email.

To keep our members safe, we only reply to questions from email addresses registered with an OVO account.


I also tried calling them and chatting with them, but I have not yet even succeeded to get connected to a human operator.

I would appreciate any advice to get this issue sorted out.
Best regards,


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If you’re having an issue resetting your password and are using the Outlook Live app we are aware this may cause an error message, if so, please switch to a browser version.


Hi @hotta.d and welcome to the OVO online community,


Looks like there might be a bit of a technical issue going on with your online account there. Just to double-check have you received your OVO Welcome pack yet? We’d expect this to be received within 5 working days of setting up your account so if you’ve not got this yet, it might be worth getting in touch with our Support Team to make sure everything’s on track.


The team can be reach via phone or webchat today, find the available contact channels here



Hi Jess_OVO, thank you for your reply.

All sorted out now. Thank you!

Here is what happened,  just in case this may help anyone in a similar situation as I was.


I received the bill for June period last Monday, and because I had not paid the bill for May, the June bill provided a phone number (that starts with 0800) that seems dedicated for payment collection.

When I called this number, I immediately got through to a human operator and he instantly sorted out everything perfect.

It turned out the agent I first talked to when I moved in failed to register the correct information so my account was not set up.