Why is my In-Home Display showing the wrong unit rates and standing charges following my variable price change?

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I have noticed since the price change that my smart meter has not updated to show the new tariff rates and standing charges. 


Thought I was doing well yesterday until I checked the app to see it was actually double the price that my smart meter was showing me.


Anyone know how to correct this so my smart meter is actually useful? 


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Ours is doing the opposite. The web app shows our correct current fixed plan price (expires May 29) but in-home display prices increased significantly on April 1st.  So giving a taste of what’s to come!

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Howdy! You’ve found a Blastoise186! I’m one of the forum volunteers who helps out here. I’m afraid I don’t have the power to fix this issue myself, but I definitely know how to fix it and can share the details with you.

@Sian and @timothy.logan in both cases, I believe the fix is as simple as asking the Support Team to issue the SMETS Commands Update Tariff Configuration to your meters, which will be automatically forwarded to your IHD after the update is completed. Don’t worry about your bills being wrong in the meantime, as your smart meter and IHD are only a guide and the rates set on them don’t get used for billing purposes.

Thank you

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Sorry to hear about the inaccurate figures you’ve both spotted when checking your IHDs, @timothy.logan and @Sian.


We’ve been made aware of a slight technical glitch affecting some member’s IHDs following the price cap change, which sounds like it could be behind the figures in your case, @timothy.logan. As a general fix is in progress for this issue, you shouldn’t need to contact the Support Team. We’re hoping to get the fix rolled out to affected devices as soon as we can. 


In your case, @Sian, I’m wondering if there was a slight delay to the update being received (this can take a few days following a price change). Any updates to what you’re seeing after the weekend?


For both issues - this won’t affect the prices which are being used to calculate your bills and the ‘usage’ pages of your online account or OVO App (download for Android or iOS) so we’d advise checking your usage costs here for the time being.


Do keep us updated of any changes/updates to both your devices - This will also help others with similar issues who might be reading this thread. 👍

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Hi Jess

No it hasn't updated yet. I did contact support this morning and they also said they are aware of the issue and to wait a few more days. I know my bills will be accurate it's not that I'm worried about but because of obviously the new high costs I need to monitor it as its too expensive and currently I can't do that. I have checked what I'm using on the app but that takes 24 hours so doesn't help in monitoring my use through the day.


Hopefully it won't take too long to fix. 

@Jess_OVO I have the same problem - my IHD has not updated to show the increased prices and standing charges since the price hike.  I did contact Support who have asked me to do various things like plug the IHD into a different plug, change the batteries etc.  These suggestions have made no difference and have not fixed the fault.  Support advised that I may need a new IHD tho it sounds like this is a recognised problem since the price rises so maybe a new IHD is not the solution.  

Can you let us know when to expect the update?  I agree with @Sian, we can check our bills and usage  online tho only retrospectively.  The idea of the IHD is to keep an idea on usage in real time, so we really do need them to be functional given the recent price rises.


With thanks



As others, my IHD has not been updated, it still shows the pre-increase rates, and that I’m almost £5000 in debit even though I pay by direct debit and am actually in credit.

I reported this “Est Bill” mis-information detail once before, the IHD was reset, but the figure again began creeping up to its present level.

Typical of me, I gave up.



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Hi @MisterT. ,

This is an easy fix but it needs to be done by the Support Team. If you ask them to issue the SMETS Command Update Tariff Configuration to your meters, this will force the IHD to refresh the tariff rates to match your account.

@Blastoise186  - I emailed the support team a few days ago and asked them to issue the SMETS Command as you advised.  They sent me an email, some of which I have copied below.  No mention of the SMETS command coming my way.   Supports advice to change the batteries and use a different plug have not made any difference. 


I have seen different advice from @Jess_OVO who has advised this thread that Ovo are aware of this problem which is affecting a number of customers with IHD’s.  Jess tells us that an update is coming soon.



I'm sorry to hear your In-Home Display (IHD) isn’t working. Don’t worry, this won’t affect your smart meter or your energy supply at all.

I just need to check a few things with you and we’ll be able to work out what’s wrong with it. When you have a moment, do you mind replying to this email with the following:

  1. When did your IHD stop working?
  2. Have you tried replacing its batteries?
  3. If you use a different plug, does that make any difference?
  4. Do you know if there’s been any damage to it?
  5. When it’s plugged in, what do you see on its screen?
  6. In your own words, please describe the issue

It could show you a message or no info at all.

Sometimes the fix can be as simple as changing the batteries, whereas other times we’ll need to send you a brand new one.

If your IHD isn't back on its feet, we’ll send you a paid postage label so you can send your IHD to us for free. Remember to write your energy account number and name in the package. We’ll then get you a brand new IHD right away.



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Sorry to hear that the prices on your Pipit In-Home Display are yet to update, @AMB26.


I’ve checked in with the team who’ve advised that the general fix should now be in place so if you’re still not seeing the tariff information you’d expect this should be highlighted to the Support Team who can carry out some trouble-shooting and refer the issue on to our Smart metering team if necessary.


I hope this helps get things back on track. 

@Jess_OVO - thanks.  My IHD is still showing the old tariff.  I’ll get in touch with Support.


@Sian - any luck?  Has the update fixed your problem?


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@AMB26  no mine is still displaying the old prices. I will get back in touch with support. Thank you 

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I have spoken the support team again today. Apparently they they have passed it to the smart meter team who currently have a turnaround time of 45 working days so mine won't be fixed anytime soon 😔 

May aswell unplug it and save myself a few pence. 

@Blastoise186 - it appears this is not an easy fix.  @Sian may have to wait upwards of 45 days for Smart meter team to look at her issue.  I have emailed support back today with the answer to their queries about my situation, I haven’t heard back from them yet.


I agree with @Sian - at the moment the IHD are useless so we may as well unplug them and save some money.

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Every case is different. Just because one case takes 45 days to resolve doesn’t mean they all do. I’ve had cases with that team resolved way faster than that a couple of times.

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Just an update, I spoke to customer service again today and it has now finally been fixed and I'm seeing correct prices on my IHD