Why are my solar panels causing my electric meter to run backwards?


We have solar panels installed and our electricity meter is running backwards and are unable to have a smart meter installed as there is no mobile signal.


we have contacted Ovo a twice to report that our meter is running backwards but haven’t been able to get a clear response from them.


It’s clear that we need an export meter fitted. But how will this work practically? Will our Ovo account give us the ability to input the reading from our export meter? Who can we get to install one?




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Hi @MiguelAlabama ,

It’s actually better to fit a Smart Meter anyway - even if Comms don’t work for some reason, it can still track both Imports and Exports regardless. It merely won’t submit them for you.

OVO would contact you whenever readings are needed - and you’d just have to follow the instructions provided.

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Hey @MiguelAlabama 


Welcome to the Forum.


I’m glad to see one of our volunteers Blastoise186 has already stopped by with some really helpful advice.


As he mentioned, having the meter replaced for a smart meter will be the best solution here. It’s actually quite common for traditional meters with solar panels to clock backwards because the traditional meters just don’t understand what’s being passed through.




Hi @Abby_OVO thank you for the reply. O o have previously sent an engineer out to attempt a smart meter install but refused to do after not being able to get a signal. Were they wrong to do so? If I arrange for them to come again should I insist that they install a meter even though it is unable to use a mobile connection?


many thanks 

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Hey @MiguelAlabama 


I’ve been in touch with one of our specialists about this to see what the next best step will be.


They’d like to take a look into it to see what we can do next to get this sorted out. I’m going to reach out to you via private message to take some details so we can help out here, look out for a private message here soon.🙂