What happens to smart meter connectivity when 2G and 3G is switched off?

  • 9 February 2022
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I understand that SMETS 2 meters use 2G or 3G mobile connections, both of which are going to be switched off in the next few years. I believe Vodafone will be switching off their 3G service in 2023. What happens then. Are we expected to pay for further upgrades to smart meters to move them to 4G services.


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SMETS 2 meters don't use the mobile phone network. SMETS 1 meters do, but I don't know what plans the energy companies have for upgrading them.

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Just gonna stop by for a second.

I can confirm that I’ve seen reports of new 4G enabled Communications Hubs potentially being in development, as there was an article about it on the Smart DCC website somewhere. I’ll try to locate it and post a link if I can.

In the meantime, current Comms Hubs for ALL S1 setups and S2 setups in the Southern Territory use 2G via GSM/GPRS but in different ways. My understanding is that S1 kinda uses the mobile phone network, but S2 uses a private system that’s similar to the O2 network but unaffected by any 2G or 3G shutdowns.

Chances are that almost all S1 meters will have been removed from service long before the relevant comms infrastructure is taken down as well.

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Wow some great (and very technical!) smart meter chat here, @MrWrighty.


I’ve taken this one to our smart metering expert who’s advised:

“We're fully aware of the sunsetting of 2G/3G and the recent announcements on this happening fully in 2033. DCC has a Network Evolution Programme looking at this and we're working through what that means. Customers don't get charged directly for upgrades to the Communication Hub technology today and we're still working through what is needed to meet this externally driven challenge to Smart.”