Solis inverter grid interaction type settings

  • 8 March 2024
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I have 10kw solis inverter with no battery. I would like to use generated energy during the day and export only surplus energy to the grid. In Solis Cloud app Info section I can see setting for Grid Interaction Type which is set to - Maximum Export. App doesn't let to change any settings, so I tried to look into inverter's settings, but couldn't find anything that would let me to change this. Maybe someone knows is it possible to change grid interaction type and export only surplus energy to grid?


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2 replies

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Hi @Vaidas0 , there should be something to set priorities on the inverter - it should be set like this as standard. 
The set up is normally; House priority : Export (if no battery). With those priorities - house first, any extra, export - it should do what you want


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Hey @Vaidas0 


One of our volunteers, BPLightlog has left some helpful advice here already, but we’ve also got lots of other topics on Solis inverters that could also be helpful to you, so I’ve linked to a few of these below: