Are Aclara SGM1433-B smart meters 'Vector Sum' compliant?

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Eventually getting round to installing solar panels (various delays from all sides) and we are being asked by installers: -
“Is your three-phase smart meter (Aclara SGM1433-B) a ‘Vector Sum Supply Meter”?

Does anyone know how we find this out as the Aclara documentation doesn’t seem to confirm one way or the other…




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Hey there @Mark C !

This is a really, really good question! I don’t think we’ve ever seen this one before. :)

I’m Blastoise186 by the way, one of the forum volunteers here but I think I’ve met you before.

From my understanding - and I literally had to look this up just now - I don’t think you need Vector Sum capability. That seems to be more for places that need an ultra reliable connection and are pulling in way more go juice than a domestic supply in the UK could ever be expected to draw.

You’ve already got the biggest, most powerful and most flexible smart meter model in the UK that I know of as well. Pretty much nothing beats the Aclara SGM1433-B unless you upgrade to a business supply. You are in luck however, as there’s a bunch of members with solar panels who might stop by, along with my ace card. How about I introduce you to @Lukepeniket_OVO , an OVO Engineer who knows a lot about smart meters.

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Thanks Blastoise

You responded to a comment of mine around 6 months ago when I got the meter code wrong… got it correct this time 😁

From what I can gather I think they are trying to decide on what inverter solution to propose e.g. three phase, or multiple single phase due to a slight inbalance in usage across the phases.

The DNO has suggested “...balancing across the three phases (as far as practically possible) not exceeding 80A on any phase...”

I assumed that the Sum Vectoring requirement might be something to do with electricity generated per phase vs usage per phase vs ‘elec supplier charging’ - but I could be wrong.


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Hello all and wow what a technical question!



I was sent this by my solar guy (its his bread and butter stuff), quite interesting and something I'd never considered with a 3 phase supply and a single phase solar system.



Which then lead me to Aclaras SGM100-B user manuals. 



And at the top of that document is import/export in the accuracy category.


So I'm going to say yes, the Aclaras are new meters so I'd be very very surprised if they weren't compatible. 

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And reading your last comment @Mark C is it possible they meant Summation  rather than vector Sum? In which case yes the Aclara SGM100 will take 3 single phase supplies into it otherwise known as summation.

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@Lukepeniket_OVO Thanks for the YouTube clip…

Does this mean I could have a three phase compatible vector sum meter but it depends on the ‘settings’?

Do you know who can or how can these be checked?



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@Mark C I've email aclara customer service so I'm awaiting a message back

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Thanks Luke!

From my own experience, Aclara makes it pretty easy to get information out of them, especially with the ease of getting hold of their datasheets and user manuals. I just wish L+G would do the same. The last time I tried to get through to them, they completely refused me claiming they don’t offer tech support to members of the public - except I was trying to get information for a forum thread here...

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I emailed them a week ago, with no response, but I am only a mere mortal in comparison to @Lukepeniket_OVO  😁

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Any further news / update @Lukepeniket_OVO ?

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Hello @Mark C, unfortunately not as I havent had a reply from Aclara either.


I would imagine being the most up to date meter that aclara have that they would be, I do know scrolling through the displays that they have both a import and a export showing.


I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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Looks like I may have to just ‘suck it and see’…

Thanks for all the comments