All your frequently asked questions about smart meter reading schedules

  • 12 February 2024
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All your frequently asked questions about smart meter reading schedules
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What is a smart meter reading schedule?


When you get a smart meter, you can choose from 3 options for how often it sends meter readings to us. These options are half hourly, daily and monthly.


How does this affect my live billing?


The traditional way of getting a monthly or quarterly statement can make it harder for you to feel in control of your energy costs. 


With half hourly or daily meter readings, you can see how much your energy use has cost every day. You can also keep track of your balance throughout the month, instead of waiting for your monthly statement. 


Want to take a closer look at your usage? Check out this topic: 



We can only work out your accurate charges whenever we receive a meter reading. So live billing works best if your smart meter schedule is set to send us readings either daily or half-hourly. We’ll then update  your balance every day based on your actual usage data.


You can find out more about live billing in this handy forum topic:



If you’re worried about gaps in usage data or estimated meter readings, it’s worth checking your meter reading schedule. You can see on the usage page of your online account how frequently your meter readings are being sent across. If it’s set to send readings monthly, the usage shown in between smart meter readings will be estimated. 


Think your smart meter might not be communicating with OVO? This topic might be helpful:



How can I change my smart meter reading schedule?


To change your smart meter reading schedule please contact the Support Team, they can get this updated for you. 


What is a smart meter?



Benefits of going smart and choosing half hourly readings


No longer having to send meter readings manually is just one of the benefits of getting a smart meter. You can see how much energy you’re using, how much it’s costing in £ and p, and even get an idea of where it’s going in your home. 


Plus, with half hourly meter readings, you can access all of our best offers. For electric vehicle owners there’s our Charge Anytime add on, which lets you smart charge your electric vehicle for 7p per kWh, whenever you need to.


You can read more about Charge Anytime here.


We also have Power Move and Power Move Plus, which reward you for using energy in a way that’s better for the planet.


We have tons of topics and resources on the forum about these schemes:




Interested in getting a smart meter? Book now and start saving


Smart meter not communicating? Please complete a smart meter health check:


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Thanks for a helpful article. However, here’s an FAQ it didn’t answer:


... it’s worth checking your meter reading schedule.




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Very good point, thanks for raising this @Firedog.


I’ve amended the topic, unfortunately, I’ve checked internally and it appears that the only way to check the meter readings schedule is by checking the usage page to see how frequently reads are being sent across.