Smart meter sizes - SMETS1 and SMETS2

We switched to OVO some time ago from British Gas who’d already installed smart meters. Crazily the BG smart meters can’t be read by OVO. About 18 months ago an OVO engineer came to fit new meters & we found that while the electric meter
could be swapped within the available space the gas meter couldn’t as the model OVO uses is bigger than the BG one. As we’d just finished a cellar conversion we didn’t want new cupboards etc ripped out to accommodate new OVO meters. Does anybody know if there are now smaller gas smart meters same sort of size as BG version now available?

Best answer by Lucy_OVO 21 March 2018, 17:04

Hey Wiggo1955,

The SMETS2 model is still in the making so we’re not 100% sure, but we can say with confidence that it’s unlikely to have changed in it’s dimensions as the SMETS2 model has been designed so that is able to communicate with all suppliers.


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Hey Wiggo1955,

The SMETS2 model is still in the making so we’re not 100% sure, but we can say with confidence that it’s unlikely to have changed in it’s dimensions as the SMETS2 model has been designed so that is able to communicate with all suppliers.

Thanks but for clarity are you saying that the new generation meter (I assume that’s what ‘SMETS2’ is?) is probably going to be the same size as the current meters you’re fitting?
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@Wiggo1955 I know that we don't know the final specs of this SMETS2 (next generation) meter just yet, so I'd rather not make any promises.

Maybe someone here knows more then us MODS and can advise a bit further.....?
In any event I’ll wait until October to retry as apparently it will be compulsory to install second generation smart meters from then. See piece in The Observer yesterday which doesn’t paint a very good picture of the smart meter revolution!
I arranged for OVO to install a smart meter some time ago. My meter is inside what looks to me like a perfectly standard box on the outside wall of my property. The engineer arrived on the appointed day and said that the new meter wouldn't fit in the box! I asked what happens now, and he said it was up to me to get a new, larger box fitted. The smart meters must be larger than the old ones.

Fitting a new box is not a DIY job and would be expensive - the mains cable would need to be disconnected. So much for free installation. When will the new universal meters become available, and will they be smaller than the ones being offered last year?
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I've moved your topic over here where users are talking about the same issue. I've also attached some pictures of the dimensions of each smart meter.

Electricity Meter

Gas Meter

Hope this helps!
Is this the new generation of smart meters? If so gas meter stilllooks too big for cupboard space where existing old British Gas meter sits. Crazy that standards size and spec not agreed from the off
Thanks Lucy, but this still begs the question as to who pays for a new box on the wall if the new smart meter (only an electric one in my case) won't fit in the existing one? My understanding is that companies such as OVO have an obligation to fit these meters to all properties within a certain time, at no cost to the householder?

Boxes like mine (on external walls) have been a standard fitting on new build properties for some time.
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@Wiggo1955 - This is the current model of Secure smart meter we're installing. It's the first generation (SMETS1). British Gas use a different model of meter to ours which is why they look different. Other suppliers that also use Secure meters are:

Utilita Energy Limited
OVO Energy
Co-operative Energy Ltd
First Utility Ltd
Electricity Plus Supply Ltd t/a The Utility Warehouse
Economy Energy
Toto Energy Limited
E (Gas & Electricity)
Spark Energy Supply Limited
Eversmart Energy Ltd
EON Energy
Robin Hood Energy Limited
Bristol Energy
Our Power Energy Supply Ltd
Octopus Energy

@GSPILLER - The Government initiative is to phase out installations of non-smart meters by 2020, meaning after this point if customers need a meter exchange for any reason, a smart meter will be fitted. We do provide free smart meter exchanges to all customers. This is subject to appointment availability and some criteria regarding the location of the meter. There's currently no deadline by which we have to exchange all customers' meters.

Thanks Nancy. So basically then, if the new smart meter is bigger than the current one and won't fit in the box on the wall then that's my problem as your engineer stated?
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The situation will almost certainly change, @GSPILLER.

@Nancy_OVO has helpfully given us the drawings for the SMETS1 meters from Secure that OVO currently fit. However, these will be superceded by the SMETS2 versions, which may have different dimensions.

Moreover, OVO are not necessarily going to only install SMETS2 meters manufactured by Secure. They have experienced some mechanical problems when fitting Secure gas meters to semi-concealed boxes. So it is quite reasonable to expect that they may now reassess their requirements and source different meter hardware from more than one manufacturer.


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