Why haven't I received a bill / statement?

  • 16 February 2018
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I haven’t received my statement this month, despite it previously coming through around the 8th of every month. I can’t apply for a refund on my balance without a statement, what do I need to do to get it sent?
I've emailed the helpdesk but will post it here out of curiosity...

"I have been looking over my statements and have noticed inconsistencies, it appears I have only been getting statements for Gas since January, where the Electric bill was seemingly high and I have had no electric statements since.

I manually provide my readings every month when requested and looking over them, they are about right, steady with a slight bump over winter.

I am concerned that this electric bill is adding up and you will charge me in one lump sum. Is there a reason I am not currently being billed for my electric usage?"

Nothing has changed with my account, I was billed as normal throughout 2018 but as I say, nothing since a very high one in January...
So, I'm an ex-Economy Energy customer - very happy to be ex- as they were a shower of the proverbial, proved by my final statement where it showed that I was massively in credit for both Gas and Electric.

However, I've had no statement from Ovo since April, so I've got no idea how this has been applied to my account.

My electricity seems to be running in credit (smartmeter was in "credit" mode and submitted no readings from 7th June to 31st July) but I'm cheerfully making payments every month and just racking up positive balance ... but without statements I've got no idea how the credit from Economy has been applied (and suspect the Gas one has been done incorrectly).

Also, my monthly payments were calculated before the final statement from Economy, so I'm clearly being rinsed (again) ... I'd really like to resolve this, very keen to NOT repeat my experience with Economy (who basically fobbed me off for 6 months before they went bust!)
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Have a look at the 'best answer' at the top of this topic, @DebsS @broady @Mr State - some good advice and the contact details of our Customer Care team if it's still missing! 😊

Hi@Tim_OVO  so I contacted your customer service guys two months ago, was told I would be getting a statement … here we are two months later and still nowt. Contacted them again today and was told “we don’t offer statements to pay as you go customers” … which I get, except I’m not  PAYG

So, what’s occurring? 6 months since I’ve had a statement, which means I literally can’t see what’s gone on with my account … and no, I’m not going to sit down and work it out for myself by piecing it together from my usage - and besides which, there is still the question of my credit from Economy Energy - the only evidence I have that it was applied to my account is a Facebook messenger post from boostpoweruk … not really good enough is it?

Any chance of some proper customer service?

Well, this is brilliant, now the guys at boostpoweruk are telling me that they are nothing to do with Ovo. Despite me having a chat history that says otherwise. Fantastic.

I am not a new customer. I have a Smart meter but the gas element does not work so I submit my readings monthly. Both gas and electricity were on my statement until March. This happened last year when electricity disappeared. It all came back but only when I queried it. Now the same has happened with gas. I used to love Ovo but I am seriously considering changing fuel companies because of this mess. And the fact they can't fix my gas meter. 


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Updated on 09/06/20 from Tim the moderator: I’ve combined multiple ‘missing statement’ topics together, as a troubleshooting guide. 

  • If you’ve just switched to us, it can take up to 6 weeks from your switch date to confirm all the info needed to charge you.
  • If you’ve had a smart meter fitted, it can take up to 6 weeks from your installation date for us to charge you. 
  • If you’ve just been upgraded to your new online account, you get daily charges and a monthly summary, rather then a statement (see best answer below for more info)
  • If you think there’s an issue that needs Support to look into, contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or email:



Hi @NHollings and welcome to the Forum.

There are several issues in what you’ve written. Let me tease them out…


1: What generation of Smart Meter do you have?

If you’re unsure, let us know the approximate installation date and/or the name of the manufacturer on the front of the electricity meter.

You’re in the Northern Territory of the National Smart Meter Network and this is running about 6 months behind the installation process in Central and Southern territories. This may not matter because you could still be operating on the earlier SMETS1 meters.

Whatever iteration of meters you’re on, work is under way to enable “mute” meters to be connected.


2: OVO have needed to implement a new Billing System in order to meet Ofgem guidelines. I’m pretty certain that your account was migrated across in March, which is why you’re experiencing missing data.

This is very different to the fault you reported last year.

This Forum is full of customers reporting various levels of missing data. There’s more than one fault causing this, but a major bug has been found and fixed. It will still take several days for the missing data to be restored however.

The feedback we’re giving here is helpful in locating these software errors so please don’t hold back in posting useful background information.


3: The new Billing System now does it’s calculations daily rather than once-per-month. Thus it generates monthly Statements for each calendar month rather than the monthly date on which your contract started.

This strategy paves the way for OVO to offer variable tariffs in line with the Government’s Demand Side Response initiative. So before you consider switching to another Energy Supplier, you might want to consider if such a tariff is heading in a direction you wish to go.

Variable Time-Of-Use tariffs use the half-hourly usage data produced by your Smart Meters to offer you different pricing throughout the day.

A Supplier may wish to use this for the financial benefit of its customers. Alternatively, you could opt to use less electricity during times of the day when it comes from gas-fired stations, and more when there’s a surplus from renewable sources.


You see… your simple message has opened up a much bigger answer than you might have supposed!  :relaxed: