The Smart Export Guarantee - DIY tutorial series

  • 2 October 2020
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The Smart Export Guarantee - DIY tutorial series
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SEG - Smart Export Guarantee - your guide

What is SEG?

The SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) aims to provide a route to market for small-scale low carbon generation as an alternative to the Feed in Tariff (FIT), which ended in March this year. It will enable anaerobic digestion, hydro, micro-combined heat and power (with an electrical capacity of 50kW or less), onshore wind, and solar photovoltaic exporters with up to 5MW capacity to receive payment for exported electricity. The key difference between the FIT scheme and SEG is SEG pays generators for the export only and not generation.

Who can sign up to the SEG tariff?

Generators who own one of the following technology systems; anaerobic digestion, hydro, micro-combined heat and power (with an electrical capacity of 50kW or less), onshore wind, and solar photovoltaic exporters with up to 5MW.  Generators must not be in receipt of the FIT export at the point of signing up to a SEG tariff, however, they can keep their FIT generation payments.

What is the SEG tariff?

The SEG tariff will be set by the licensee. Here are the details of the current tariff:


Name of Tariff Price per kWh Technology Type System Size Initial Contract Length
OVO SEG Tariff
4.00p/kWh All eligible technologies Solar, Anaerobic Digestion, Hydro, Wind up to 5MW capacity, Up to 50kW for Micro-combined heat and power (Micro-CHP) 12 months

What are the contract details? 

The contract term is 12 months. The SEG generator is eligible for payment once an Export MPAN has been set up and we have received their first meter reading.

FIT Generators - can they switch to OVO's SEG?

FIT generators getting paid for their export with OVO, can they switch to SEG? 

If you are a Feed in Tariff generator with OVO, then you are able to sign up to SEG, but your Feed in Tariff export payments will stop. If you did want to opt in or out of the Feed-in Tariff export payments, just be aware under the regulation of the scheme you can only do this once every 12 months.

FIT generators with their FIT and export with another supplier, can they switch to us? 

You are able to sign up to SEG with OVO, but your Feed in Tariff export payments will stop with your current FiT licensee. You will need to let them know before you sign up to SEG. 

Where can I find the application forms? 

To sign up, the application form needs to be completed which can be found on the OVO website here, along with the required supporting documents sent to us via email.

Once the completed form and documents has been received, the FIT team will assess the eligibility and confirm to you that you’re eligible. This can take up to 6 weeks to process.

If eligible, you’ll be sent a welcome letter which is attached via email, and this will confirm the tariff and payment information.

SEG generator needs to provide a reading

We take SEG reads from customers 4 times a year

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December 


As a SEG customer, you will be sent a read reminder with a link to provide your reading via an online form. You need to take the reading from your export or smart meter - if you’re unsure of how to do this, you would need to contact the installer or energy supplier. If it is an OVO smart meter, see this guide for Secure meters, and this guide for Aclara/Honeywell meters. 

When do we post statements and make payments?


Quarter Statements posted
on (+3 working days for post):
Payments requested on
(+ 3 working days
for bank processing):
January - March 2020 By the end of April By the end of May
April - June 2020 By the end of July By the end of August
July - September 2020 By the end of October By the end of November
October - December 2020 By the end of January 2021 By the end of February 2021


Switching supplier

As generators, you can switch away to another SEG licensee if you wish. However, if you do this whilst still in your contract then a exit fee will apply (£15) - unless you’re moving house or the generator has passed away. You will need to stop your SEG contract with us before signing up to a new SEG contract with another SEG licensee.

Moving in to a property

In order for us to process the change of tenancy for a new occupier moving into a property that has SEG, the new occupier would need to simply sign-up to a new tariff using the application form. Further to this, we will require some proof as evidence that you are now the legal owner of the solar panels:

  • Photo ID - As part of the application we need you to prove your identification. Please send a clear copy of your photo driving license or passport.
  • Proof of Ownership - Written confirmation from Solicitor or Fixtures and Fittings form (TA10) accompanied by a Land Registry certificate. This must clearly evidence ownership of the panels.


Moving out of a property

In order for us to process the change of tenancy for a you as a customer moving out of your property, all we need is for you to confirm your final export meter reading and the date they vacated the property. Email this to the team directly seg@ovoenergy.com ensuring your include your SEG ID, name and address along with your new address so we can send your final statement. 

Once we have received the readings, these will be applied to the account and will send the final statement on the next statement date. The statement dates fall in April, July, October and January, with payments following two weeks later.

Where can I get more information about SEG?

You can find yet more information via our FAQs on the OVO website or the Ofgem website. If you can’t find the answer, you can email the team on seg@ovoenergy.com


That’s it for our guide on the SEG - have we missed anything? Let us know in a comment below...

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