Why can't I setup my OVO Account?

  • 25 January 2023
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I have been trying to setup my OVO account.  I get sent an email with a link to set the password and I do it within 2 minutes, but each time I get a message saying:
  Your password reset link is invalid or expired.
So, I click the link to Request another password reset
And we go around again.  I’m sick of it.
How can something so simple be so rubbish. 
Since the SSE → OVO change happened, not a single thing has gone smoothly.


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It’s highly likely that your account isn’t ready yet if you’ve recently been migrated from SSE to OVO. You should get another email from OVO (I’m assuming the first one was from SSE). Both emails have the same link but by the time you get the OVO email the account will be ready and the link should work. This has been discovered by trial and error on this forum, so seems the most likely explanation. Please report back if I’m wrong about assumptions and we can try and help further!

The email was from OVO on the 17th.  But it doesn’t matter if I use that link or go directly to  I have never set a password so it obviously doesn’t accept anything.  It doesn’t matter whether I click “Setup Account” or “Reset Password”, either way I get asked for my email address and then get sent a link to set/rest the password.  In either case, it tells me: “Your password reset link is invalid or expired.”.

I had exactly the same problem. I managed, after a few calls, (some where the agents could not find my account, some where I waited along time and the phone went dead), to get through to a an agent called Armaan who was very efficient and gave me my new account details.

So all I can say is, be patient and keep trying. This is I assume is the result of the volume of customers migrating from SSE.  Good luck.

It doesn’t seem fair that customers, who did not ask to be migrated, are having to suffer the pain of it them not being properly equipped for it.   Remembering the 6 Ps - Proper Planning Prevents P Poor Performance - well so far it has been pretty poor that we’re having to do all this.   


Updated on 04/07/23 by Tim_OVO: Got issues registering or resetting a password for your OVO app or online account? We’ve made a recent change that might help:


OVO customers should ideally complete these steps in the web portal (online account) first. Once complete, these details will be copied over and available for use in the OVO App.



  • Select the option at the bottom of the reset email "open this email in your browser"


This should then allow you to follow the steps as prompted and login into your account.



Please note: This has been extensively tested and in the vast majority of cases will resolve the issue. However, there are still some issues with users of any Microsoft email domains such as Hotmail, Live, Outlook, Microsoft. We are working on the resolution for these customers and will update once a fix is made available.


There may still be issues for other customers with different email domains but these could be related to something else. See the advice below for some ideas to try, and let us know in the comments below if you still have an issue resetting your password. Alternatively our Support team may be able to advise with this. 



When you get an email with a link to click to set/change your password - ignore it.  Just below that, there is another link, which is supposed to be used to “Get a new Link”  if the email is more than 6 hours old.  Click this instead and Hey Presto.  I felt like I was being messed with, but I think it’s just incompetence.