Power cut notifications - how can we sign up for these?

  • 31 August 2022
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We've just got a power cut in our area and, chatting with neighbours who are also with OVO Energy, they have received text messages notifying them of a power cut and the areas that are covered and when our power supply will be restored.

Does anyone know how I can sign up for these notifications please?




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Hey there @Chris Ellis ,

Sorry to hear about that! I think your neighbours are on the Priority Services Register and power cut notifications are one of the services that are offered as part of it free of charge, with OVO’s compliments.

If you think you might qualify for these as well, you’re definitely welcome to sign up too. You can either talk to the Support Team using these options, use the OVO Energy app (it’s under Account > Priority Services Register) or by any of the other methods at .

All PSR services are completely free of charge and with your consent, OVO can also share your registration with trusted third parties who only use it for the same purposes that the Priority Services Register is designed for (and also makes it easier for those places to help you out in the event of a power cut for example). You will NEVER get marketing or anything else come through as a result of being on PSR and everything you register is kept highly confidential.

Hope this helps!

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Updated on 06/09/23 by Abby_OVO

Hi @Chris Ellis

You can also do this. 

Type your postcode on this page to find your DNO. This is the local company responsible for the local wires and substations etc in your area.

Each DNO will have a website with a process for signing up for power cut alerts

For example, for me

OVO will be getting the info from the DNO.

This is a typical alert i received by txt message. 


Power cut alert from UK Power Networks.

We have just become aware of an unexpected power cut in your area. As this outage was unplanned, we did not know it was going to happen, so providing you with prior notice was not possible.

Our reference is xxxxx. If your power is off you can stay updated via our real time incident map at, where you can also sign up to receive free text message updates for this fault. Information on our privacy policy is also available on our website.

Thanks for the replies 👍😊

It turns out our neighbours are with SSEN and using the DNO link I was sent helped us and I'll certainly use in the future!

Many thanks!