My cheque refund is blank on the reverse, can I still cash it?

  • 20 April 2022
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I was sent my refund in the post as a cheque. Only the cheque is printed at the bottom of the letter that was sent. In order to cash my cheque I need the reverse but there is nothing on the other side of the paper. How have others dealt with this?


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2 replies

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Hiya @dmemery !

Oops… That doesn’t sound right somehow… I’m afraid I can’t fix this myself as I’m only a forum volunteer, so you’ll probably want to flag this up with the Support Team and ask for the cheque to be re-issued. Cheques are often blank on the reverse, but if you say you can’t get the bank to accept it, then that’s a problem.

I’ll also let @Jess_OVO know about this, in case she’s able to advise.

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Thanks for tagging me here, @Blastoise186.


I’ve checked this with our payments team who’ve advised that the refund cheques we issue should have a small 6 digit number printed on the back but are otherwise blank. This shouldn’t prevent you cashing this with your bank. Have you already tried contacting your bank to get this refund cheque cashed, @dmemery?