How do I contact OVO Customer Services if I need some help?

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It sounds like they’ve recognized it’s an OVO issue, and failed to close down the account when you switched. Hopefully this gets sorted now.


Please pop back if you have any further issues @twine

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Hi @Jeffus

No further forward as of now, waiting for Ramans team to come back to us.

@Colin Wheeler Have you made any progress with Ramans team or the Energy Ombudsman?

A longstanding issue with our trad PAYG meter was fixed by us getting a new meter, then 10 days later a smart meter. All good, but there was £120 on our old cards which the original meter couldn't read (failed contacts). I raised a complaint about how long it was all taking to sort out, with us having had no gas for a total of 5 weeks. Now OVO won't speak to me. The complaint handler gave me a phone number that doesn't work, rang me while I was at work but never tried again (one week and counting). When I rang the normal number they rudely told me to wait for the complaint handler to call me. They said it will take 4 to 7 weeks to put the money onto our smart meter. They could end me gold coins by donkey quicker than that - whAt must I do to get my money back? 

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Hey @Patient1,


I’m really sorry to hear this,


Are you with OVO PAYG or Boost? 

OVO worse luck. My partner says it may now have been done, I'll see later. All so painful. Total 5 weeks off gas.

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Hey @Patient1,


Was this resolved when you checked? What’s the latest? 

Yes it is finally resolved and compensation agreed.