Does OVO offer a 3 phase specific plan?

Can anyone advise the standing order charges and Kwh rates for three phase supplies / usage


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Hey there @3Phasesupplies !

As far as I’m aware, the rates are the same for Single Phase as they are for Three Phase. Given that you’re still using a single MPAN, you’ll only incur a single Standing Charge and the only additional costs would come from any extra electricity that you’re now able to pull down through the wire. Likewise, the unit rates would remain the same as with Single Phase because the main purpose of a Three-Phase upgrade is to provide more capacity. 

I’m afraid I can’t give you specific rates though as it’s always changing and based on your circumstances. If you’re not yet an OVO member, you can get a quote using which will give you the latest available rates.

I am grateful for the reply. Without going into detail i have just become aware that an elderly widowed,  relative whose house was built 60 years ago, the house owner was an electrical engineer and  constructed his own internal distribution system utilising the 3 phase incoming supply, is paying 3 times more that my golf club. Again i am grateful for the information. 

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You’re most welcome.

If you’d like any help to try and diagnose what’s guzzling the energy so badly, please feel free to let us know here on the forum. I can call in help from multiple other members if needed, all with various knowledge and experience. There’s a good chance we could figure it out with you.

Of course, if you’d rather not do that right now, then I fully understand and will respect your decision. If you change your mind later, we’ll be here and ready for you when you are.

The situation seems to be worse than i believed. I need to confirm but i am advised that a bill or invoice IS NOT RECEIVED by my elderly relative and that a direct debit is active. I may come to you again for advise when and if i can confirm the domestic usage and plan.

Thanks again.

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I’m so sorry to hear of the difficulties your relative is having with their account, @3Phasesupplies.


Just to confirm, as @Blastoise186 has mentioned, here at OVO we don’t offer a 3 phase specific plan so the account should be charged on the same rates that are offered to a standard single phase supply.


Whilst 3 phase supplies are generally installed to power higher usage properties, if you’re not sure what might be causing this high usage it might be worth taking a look at the advice given in the thread below which can help get to the bottom of things.



 An electrician may also be able to advise if these checks aren’t conclusive.


You mention that your relative hasn’t been receiving a postal statement, so we’d encourage you to check that they are added to our Priority Services Register. This free service is offered to make sure we get your relative any extra help they might need to manage their account, including free paper statements, in accessible formats if needed. Find out more about this and how to sign up here.


I hope this information is helpful.

Further enquiries have established that my relative IS receiving invoices for electricity consumption. However the invoices show ESTIMATED consumption. This results in over £3000 being “In Credit”. 

It would appear that a three phase metering solution cannot be installed as the present metering array is “Too Complicated”. There are 5 meters being read and consumption billed for each meter. Additional investigation is required in order to establish what they all do and why they are being estimated and not read.

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A really complex sounding set-up there, @3Phasesupplies.



Further enquiries have established that my relative IS receiving invoices for electricity consumption. However the invoices show ESTIMATED consumption. This results in over £3000 being “In Credit”. 


In this case we’d really recommend checking and submitting some actual meter readings for your relative to make sure that balance is accurate. If you’re struggling to work out how or which meters need to be read and are able to post some photos of the set-up here, I’m sure our community members will be happy to help. 

Thanks Jess. It may be a few weeks before i can get the information .  My relative is two counties   away.

The meters in question have now been read and the information inserted as appropriate onto the OVO web site. Two of the meters show no use . The equipment which these units were monitoring have been isolated for many months.  The issue is in hand and being addressed by a third part (relative of the widow). My role is as an occasional substituted meter reader. Actual reading should be undertaken as a matter of course by OVO or its’ agents.

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Glad to hear you were able to take some meter readings from your relative’s complex set-up, @3Phasesupplies.


As mentioned in my comment above it’s worth checking whether your relative had been added to our Priority Services Register. This free service offers a quarterly meter reader if required, so would really help in this case.


You can find out more about the Priority Services Register and sign-up online here.