Does my off-peak rate apply only to my storage heaters, or all night time usage?

  • 29 March 2022
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Engineer fitting new meter today told me that only the storage heaters are wired up to night time tariff. This is at odds to what I had been led to believe - that all electricity used during those hours is charged at the lower rate. Which is right?


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Hey there @dmacbrew  !

I have some very good news for you and I’m also happy to clarify this one.

As you’ve got Economy 7 on a Five-Terminal setup, the storage heaters are wired up in a way that means they only ever operate during the cheap rate unless you activate Boost Mode outside of those times. However, ALL your usage during the Off-Peak hours will be charged at the cheaper night rate regardless of what you’re doing, not just the storage heaters.

On the flip side, all usage during the Peak hours will be charged at the more expensive day rate.

Hope this helps. :)

Thank you Blastoise186 that`s what I thought, especially as I was still getting billed for off-peak use in the summer when the heating is off. Why then I wonder did the engineer (who was very good & seemed knowledgeable think otherwise?). He even pointed out the cables going into tthe meter..

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Hard to say I’m afraid. I don’t have psychic powers and can’t read minds. :)

However, as luck would have it, I happen to know an OVO Engineer. @Lukepeniket_OVO has been with SSE for quite a long time and also does OVO installs these days. His experience proves quite useful in some of the more tricky cases where we’re struggling, but I try to avoid calling on him too often, because he gets pretty busy!

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You know @Blastoise186 you can call on me whenever 😏 


As blastoise has already pointed out because of your 5 terminal set up then the whole property will switch over to the low rate during your off peak times.


There is only a select few areas and setups which don't swap the whole property over.


Hope this helps?

Well what areas/setups?