Can OVO increase my direct debit if I refuse a smart meter?

  • 18 June 2022
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elderly person living alone, limited usage have had 2 letters saying my direct debit will go up to £149 per month if I refuse a smart meter, can they do this.

I understand the direct debit may have to go up because of increase in energy rates


thank you


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Hi @grumpycow ,

I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers. I can’t access your account from here.

I’ve never known OVO send out such letters, but are you on the Better Smart Energy tariff by any chance? That’s the only tariff that OVO enforces a required smart meter rule on.

I think it’s more likely that if you haven’t sent in meter readings on time, OVO is relying on estimated bills which will increase your Direct Debit if the estimates are higher than your actual usage. OVO is allowed to increase your payments if what you’re currently paying isn’t enough to clear the bills, regardless of whether you have a smart meter.

I will ask the moderators about this on Monday.

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Updated on 26/06/23 by Abby_OVO

Hi @grumpycow,


I’m so sorry to hear of the confusion caused by this letter you’ve received. As our community member, @Blastoise186 has mentioned we wouldn’t generally send out such letters, unless you’ve signed up to our smart meter specific tariff. 


Have you double-checked the name of your plan? You can see this information via the ‘Plan’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS):


Exact appearance may vary


Our Better Smart plan would require you to get a smart meter installed within the first 3 months of your plan. If you’ve changed your mind or decided against a smart meter we may move you on to our Variable Simpler Energy plan instead. 


It’s always worth getting a smart meter installed even if you’re not on this plan however. Having a smart meter will make sure your account is billed accurately and gives you access to some really helpful online usage info.



Hope this helps.