Can OVO help install a U16 gas meter if I switch?

  • 30 May 2022
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I am currently supplied with gas from BG. As we are significantly extending the property we were advised we required a larger volume gas supply to the property. Southern Gas Networks have installed the pipework to the meter point (Not yet connected to supply at road 05/07) They said that BG will supply a U16 meter. However BG do not supply a U16 meter. What should we do?


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3 replies

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Hey @Neil McQuillan !

I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum regulars here. :)

Good news for you. OVO can install U16 gas meters for free, but a site survey may be needed at a cost of £106 and the Support Team are best placed to advise on that. There is a gotcha however.

Only your current energy supplier can do the switcheroo. If you’d like OVO to install a U16 gas meter, you will need to leave British Gas and switch both your electric and gas to OVO first (OVO does not offer gas-only accounts). I get the feeling you’re planning to switch anyway, so will generate a quote for you. If you’d prefer to go on variable rate however, you’ll need to call 0330 303 5063 and press the hash # key as soon as the robot answers, since the online tool does not do variable rate quotes.

Once you’re on supply with OVO, you can then ask the Support Team to make the arrangements to upgrade the gas meter to U16. Just a heads up though, there’s no U16 Smart Gas Meters available just yet when I last checked, so you’d have to go back to a traditional one for a bit. Of course, OVO would be happy to upgrade that one to a smart meter once they’re available.

Thank you Blastoise 186 great help

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Hi @Neil McQuillan and welcome to the OVO forum,


Can see @Blastoise186 has already given some great advice as to how you can go about arranging a U16 gas meter upgrade were you to switch to OVO.


It’s a fairly complex process which does require some preparatory checks of your intended supply capacity. We’ve run through this process in the topic below.



I hope this helps work out the best option for you going forward.