What's the maximum distance between meters, to go smart?

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We can sort out a signal relay @sethmthomas - see above for more info on what this does. 


Chase up yours (which will be posted out to you) via webchat on the Help Centre.

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I’m a little puzzled by what the Installer told you @sethmthomas.

I would expect that meters supplied in June would be [color=#A00080]SMETS2[/color] variety. The intermediate boosters were only provided as part of [color=#D00070]SMETS1[/color] installations.

With OVO’s agreement, I actually conducted a trial at my house in May where I deployed a [color=#00C0D0]ZigBee relay[/color] on my [color=#A00080]SMETS2[/color]  installation which had lost communication with the Gas Meter.

The relay device made no difference, wherever I placed it, despite me requesting that the Gas Meter retry to make the connection.

The issue was resolved only when OVO’s SMETS2 Team used my [color=#5060b0]Communications Hub[/color] as part of a software upgrade trial about a month later. There were in fact no issues with signal strength itself.

Signal boosters/relays are not an approved part of a [color=#A00080]SMETS2 Smart Meter[/color] installation.

Thank you Tim.  I’ll look forward to receiving the relay.  Apart from the distance between the smart meter and the gas meter there are also a couple of very thick walls so hopefully the relay will fix the problem.  I am still mystified why I have not been charged for gas usage when I have been submitting the readings each month.


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It sounds like the engineer hasn’t sent us the information we need to arrange for a relay to be sent out. Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with your name, DoB and account number.


If you don’t use social media, get in touch though webchat on the Help Centre.