Just switched back to OVO and had a Smart Meter replacement - Why hasn't this been updated on my online account so I can track my usage?

  • 10 November 2021
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I used to have a SMETS1 smart meter - it was brilliant until I switched suppliers. This was a few years ago, and the switch was to OVO from British Gas. So OVO fitted new smart meters - still SMET1 though, but back then they worked well, until I switched again.

Several switches of supplier later (using meters that had become dumb, but I got used to it) I have come back to OVO. So I request more smart meter replacements and this is done very quickly and apparently efficiently by a fitter that I had great praise for at the time (well he knew more than me about smart meters, so he seemed like an expert).

However, after over 6 weeks my SMETS2 meters are as dumb as any other meter that I had on my property, and in fact are worse, because not only are they NOT keeping me (and the National Grid) informed of my energy consumption, they won’t even allow me to input manual readings to my OVO account because the number is less than my previous meters number (obviously because the new ones started at 0 again).

These are turning out to be my worst experiences of any energy company I have been a customer of, because to cap the obvious major technical issues of very dumb smart meters, you have a very unresponsive customer service team who just aren’t either bothering to find out why my account is dysfunctional, but are not very forthcoming in letting me know why they are having such difficulties.

And don’t get me started on the pointless app, which seems to have such high praise from the user community- but it isn’t even an app! It just points you literally to the web page login of your account where you see utterly useless consumption information due to the dumb meters failing to do their job and not even having my tariff information for my gas supply.

so several months after re-joining OVO (and many weeks since the smart meter refit), I have no idea what size of energy bill I am racking up!





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I’m so sorry to hear of the issues you’ve experienced since your switch back to us and your recent smart meter installation, @croninsfc.


Usually we’d expect your meter details to be updated on your account within 6 weeks of getting new meters installed, so I’m disappointed to hear that there’s been a delay which is preventing you logging your meter readings manually. If you haven’t already it would be worth reaching to our Support Team who’ll be able to take the necessary steps to get things updated. They may also recommend you carry out a smart meter health check to help diagnose any communication issues that might be preventing us receiving the meter readings automatically.


I totally appreciate your concern about the lack of visibility you currently have of your energy usage, particularly as we head into the winter months so I’m hoping the Support Team will be able to get things resolved ASAP for you. If they’re not able to get things sorted it might be worth raising this as a formal complaint, which would ensure we’re able to fully investigate any technical issues that might be going on behind the scenes. You can find a full run-down of our complaints procedure here.


I’m hoping this information helps in some way - While we can’t discuss the specifics of your account here, we’re always on hand to offer more general advice that might help so don’t hesitate to pop back if you’ve got any further questions.


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Hello @Jess_OVO , I am very pleased to report that my account has now been upgraded onto the new system and the app is fully functional for my account now😁

And I have to say it is now by far the best app experience of any energy company so far….although to be fair, as this is the first time I’ve had SMETS2 smart meters and therefore a proper smart app, that wouldn’t really be to difficult to achieve, but having said that there are features of the app (and website) that I would not have dreamed of being a thing-such as monitoring how green the energy grid is operating, so you can make informed choices about when you consume energy flexibly in as carbon neutral way as possible. Brilliant 🤩 

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Hey @croninsfc , that’s good to hear. Thanks for letting us know!

I’m Blastoise186 by the way, one of the forum volunteers who helps out here. Bug hunting is one of my specialities, so if you have trouble with the app or MyOVO again, feel free to stop by the forum. We can help you pin down any bugs and get them flagged up right here, so that you don’t have to go via the Support Team for those (but you can also go that way if you’d like to).

The features available in MyOVO and on the OVO Energy app are generally kept in sync for the most part, especially as both are custom built in-house - the app is built by OVO and MyOVO is built by OVO’s sister company Kaluza. It proves quite useful that way.

Now I should mention that it might take a few days or so for everything to show up in the app and MyOVO correctly, just while everything gets synchronised properly, but it will all catch up within a week or so at most. I have to admit that my personal favourite feature is really the real-time billing that OVO uses. In addition to your monthly bills, you can also see exactly what your costs are every day (assuming your meters are on Daily or Half-Hourly mode) and you’ll always see how much credit you actually have left after all charges so far this month have been taken from your balance. Useful to get an idea as to whether you’re on track to keep the account in good shape!

If you have any ideas to help make the app even better, OVO is definitely interested to hear them. I guess you could also say that… Sharing ideas might become even easier in the future… You’ll have to wait to find out what that means.

Anyway, if you ever need a hand again, feel free to stop by. We can’t fix everything via the forum, but there’s a good chance we can help you out. :)