V2G Tariff, Smart Meters, and Solar Panel Export Payments - how does it all link up?

  • 9 January 2019
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This is a very complicated subject and any final FAIR charging strategy will be far in the future, but I would like to return to the present and discuss further the current system of paying Solar panel owners 1/3 rd f the standard payment. I have put forward arguments against this but until now I missed the best argument of all. Today I will be lucky if my 4 Kw system produces more than 2 Kws. Obviously this will be used at home with no feed back. This is the situation (on average) for most of the year. Any substantial feed back which could justify the lower rate will happen at most in 3 or 4 moths called "SUMMER". For the other 8 or 9 months all feed bck will come from the EV regardless of whether solar panels exist or not.
Surely this shows clearly that the rate paid should be the same for all?