I'm moving out - When should I submit my final readings?

  • 20 November 2019
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I’m moving home in a month and won’t be responsible for utilities anymore, therefore I’m closing my OVO account. I’m required to submit final meter readings but it is unclear when -Should I submit my meter readings today or on the day I move out?

Also, how long after I move out/close my OVO account can I cancel my direct debit?


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Great question to ask, we know that final meter readings are an easy one to forget when you’re moving home. Unless you’ve got smart meters installed, it’s best to take a manual reading on your actual moving day (although popping in some readings in the meantime never hurts).


You can submit these readings via the ‘meter readings’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). You can also let us know you need to close your account here, just click on the ‘Moving home’ menu option. You’ll need to close your account on the final date of your tenancy agreement unless agreed otherwise with your landlord, so best to get the readings taken as close to this date as possible.


If you aren’t able to get the readings from the exact date your account ends, we’ll use an estimated reading reading which is calculated based on your Estimated Annual Consumption. You’ll receive a final statement based on this reading within 4 weeks of moving and your Direct Debit is automatically refunded at this point too, so no need to cancel it yourself. Any remaining credit would be refunded back to the same account, once you’ve received the final statement.

There’s more great advice on what to consider about your energy when you move home on this great guide and more general moving advice here.


 Good Luck with the new home! :house_with_garden:


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I am moving out of my home and closing my OVO account. My move out date is today, which I notified OVO about over a month ago. I have 2 issues:

1. I am unable to submit final meter readings on the app or online. I tried multiple times yesterday ("a problem occurred") and today ("there are no meters associated with this account"). However, the OVO website explicitly states that I should provide meter readings on my move out date. Please help me with this.

2. On Tuesday, my credit was £402.39. Today, my credit has decreased to £308.34. I can only assume that this is because OVO is making unreasonable estimates of my energy usage. Thankfully, I can prove this with screenshots of the app. Will sending final meter readings restore my credit?

I have been unable to call OVO about this as I am currently abroad. Please help with tjis ASAP.

Thank you!

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Hi @charan , normally you would give your new supplier the readings and these would be passed back. 
If that’s not happening, you can go via the webchat

or call the automated line on 0330 175 9676 (not sure if this works from abroad)