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I am a landlord and need to set up a pay as you go account with my details as tenant has vacated. How do I go about doing it? I’m not able to access an activated account. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Thank you 

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We had to do the same, albeit with a different energy company and on a standard meter. I just called up the energy company and explained the situation. They created an account for me without any problems. I did it after the new tenants had moved in so I knew the exact period to be covered and was able to pay the bill straight away.


Your case might be a bit different because it's a pay as you go meter, but customer service will be able to help.



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Hi @sgarrigan,


Just to double-check as you mention having Pay-as-you-go meters there, have you been in touch with Boost, our PAYG sister company to get things set-up yet? There’s more details on this process over on the Boost forum.


Hope this helps.