Pipit 500 In Home Display (IHD) estimated bill isn't resetting - is this right?

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Hey @Slickdog. I've moved your topic onto this thread. Check out the 'Best Answer' as I think you'll find this useful!

My in home display meter used to go back to zero at the begining of each month, but since moving to ovo it just keeps going up, can this be changed?
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Hey @Kazad22 - I've moved your post over here where you can find more information about how the IHD works!
My home display unit always reset itself back to zero at the start of a new month, but since I've moved over to ovo this has stopped happening so you can't see how much your using each month is there any way to rectify this?
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@Lindsey138 @NickinHP do your IHDs reset every month like @Kazad22 ?
Hi. I gave up using mine to be honest because it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to. I wanted something to show me how much I was using each month, then for it to reset again, so I could keep a track on my monthly bill without logging on.

i didn’t want something that showed me the appliances that used more, as I already really know that my tumble drier uses a lot for example.

it was a bit disappointing.
Why don’t my (IHD) reset to zero every month on the direct debt date. It use to before I switch to ovo .
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Hey @Ian25, I've moved your query to this existing topic to give you the answer you're looking for!

Check out @Tim_OVO's best answer at the top of this thread for the information you need.

Also, its worth noting that the 'Secure' smart meters we fit are the most popular, in terms of the number of other suppliers who can also communicate with them. As well as this, an upcoming remote software update will make every S1 meter compatible with all suppliers and hopefully incorporate the In Home Display (IHD) units becoming uniform in terms of their functionality.

Hope this helped!