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Where's my final refund?

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My new provider has supplied the final meter reading and I am still waiting for my refund. I haven't received any communication about this, can someone please tell me when I will receive this?
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Hello @arianneedwards

If I am reading this question correctly. You have left OVO to a new supplier? If so, If you read T&C on OVO website you will see the following.

[h5]How do I close my OVO account and get a refund?[/h5]
You’ll need to begin switching to another energy company and they’ll let us know you’re leaving. Once you’ve switched, we’ll then send you a final statement within 6 weeks. If you’re due a refund after we’ve sent your final statement, we’ll pay it into your bank account within 14 working days.
I am changing over from OVO to Octopus from 28/2/19 I have given my gas meter reading to OVO and my new provider but unable to give electricity reading as the electricity is a smart meter and I have received my statement for Feb but it only shows my electricity charges for Until 20th Feb .So why no gas charges. I also have a lot in credit and would like a refund once my gas charges for gas up until 28/2/19 are taken .can you please let me know when this will be sorted .
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Hi @Frankiebabe - this topic thread has loads of info on final refunds and time frames!
still waiting for refund. today is 08/03/19 i left on the 31/08/18 they have had final meter readings.told to wait 6 weeks did so phoned back told to wait 12 weeks phoned back then told not had final meter readings phoned my new supplier they said they sent a d86 on the 2nd of october so ovo have had the final meter readings from the start,whats going on totally disgusted with the service i have received so far

it has now been well over 6 weeks since I transferred my electricity to another supplier. The date that the final statement was due has long past. Is it a case of you try to keep the money for as long as possible until you are pushed to supply a refund?

Can somebody please investigate.

kind regards
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still waiting for refund. today is 08/03/19 i left on the 31/08/18

It sounds like a big delay, related to missing info from your switch @andrea 202

I'm so sorry to hear about this, and I'd really like to hear this getting sorted. Please email in or call us so we can sort it once and for all!

Samw situation for you @Gregwallace - please reach out so we can help!
0330 303 5063
I changed supplier from ovo on the 6th of March. I have a smart meter and my readings are up to date so ovo have my final readings.

Based on my final reading, I was £15 in credit but then on the 8th March ovo took my DD of £145 which I was half expecting. And then they took another £145 on 8th April.

I am now £305 in credit - money which should have been paid off my credit card - and ovo have all the readings they need but there is no option to request my money back.

They say they'll refund it automatically within 14 days of getting readings the readings they need but clearly they have not done so, and they keep taking more money!

How can I initiate a refund?
I have left OVO and have a credit balance of around £79. I understand that it can take up to 6 weeks, and that time is an industry standard, to get my money back, could I ask why it takes this long to process it ? Could you also confirm you will not be taking any direct debit payments in this time as you seem to have taken 2 since I have left you.
Thank you for a speedy response.
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The topics above, @Lathaj, will answer your query.

Check out @Darran_OVO and @Transparent's answers specifically.

Please feel free to cancel your Direct Debit now, we will still be able to issue a refund of any credit due.

Amy_ovo My bank will not allow me to cancel a direct debit as you are in control of it.
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Hi @Lathaj

You can always cancel a Direct Debit. It is set up because you signed a Mandate giving your bank consent to allow your account to be debited. Their contract is thus with you, and you can retract that Mandate whenever you want.

Please also note that it is entirely the responsibility of the Receiving Supplier to handle all aspects of the Switch process.

The Relinquishing Supplier will only refund your account credit once they can issue you with a Final Bill. They can't do that until they receive the relevant Notifications from the two National meter databases, ECOES (electricity) and Xoserve (gas).
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I hope you've managed to get this cancelled, @Lathaj.

@Transparent's answer above is absolutely correct, you can cancel a mandate with your bank at any point.

I switched from Ovo on the 18th April. My account was just over £113 in credit. In May, after the Switch, Ovo took another payment from my bank account! So now Ovo has just under £150 of my money,
A phone call to Ovo did not resolve this, I have now paid two companies for electricity this month, and as I live on a modest pension I cannot afford this.
I want my money refunded!
I have moved to a new supplier and due a refund. This refund should have been automatically sent to my account. Olease advise.
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Take a look at the best answer for more info on this, @SteveLeyland!
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Hi @SteveLeyland
See also what I wrote here about the Notifications system which occurs during a Switch between suppliers, and the timescales involved.
I switched to a new supplier on 19th April, 3 months later DD from new supplier have started, DD from ovo not stopped, no final statement and no refund... how can I get things moving? It’s £1000 in credit & I need the money back! Many thanks
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Hi @Enzo,

I have discussed this on a previous occasion with the Office of the Energy Ombudsman.

It is entirely the responsibility of the Receiving Supplier to verify your data and upload it to the National Database.

Once they do this, the Relinquishing Supplier (OVO) have a few days to raise any objection such as querying a meter reading or reference number.

A fortnight after OVO agree/acknowledge the transfer they can generate their Final Bill. They don't do it earlier than this because the Consumer Credit Act gives you 14 days to change your mind.

So in this case it comes down to whether you furnished the Receiving Supplier with your meter readings on or about the agreed Switch-date. If you did so, then you need to check their Complaints Procedure and implement the first stage.

Hope that helps.

Welcome to the forum @Unhappy helen, sorry to hear there has been such a delay.

Please check the above post by @Transparent and thread for more info.

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Hi @Unhappy helen,

The switching process has been developed over the years to protect us, the customers. The checks and timed-delays are a process that is regulated by Ofgem.

The system prevents ID-theft, fraud and malicious-switching by 3rd parties. It also allows the National Meter Databases to verify the site details, gradually eradicating errors which crept in over the years.

Behind the scenes, it's a slick operation with electronic Notifications passing between the relevant parties. If you raise a Complaint with your New Supplier, they have the capability to check where in the process your transfer has got stuck.

The reason that Ofgem don't want this switch process to involve your Old Supplier is because it must be possible to leave them if you have a experienced a dispute.

I hope that makes sense.

Remember, your membership of this Forum is not curtailed because you have moved your account from OVO. You are free to continue asking questions here.
I left OVO after they wouldn't let me do an online refund of my nearly £800 balance. I had to email them and beg for a refund, which they "graciously" gave me some back.

This was the last straw and I switched to Octopus some weeks ago.

My bank just advised me yesterday that OVO were due to take ANOTHER £`155 from my account to add to the large balance they never refunded the first time.

I called OVO and after nearly half an hour on hold, I was told they couldn't do anything to stop the DD (this was before it was taken). And expressed no regret for taking another payment from me after I've already left and with a large credit balance anyway.

So now I'm stuck with OVO having even more of my money, and only vague platitudes from them about whether I might get it back, sometime, if I'm lucky.

Meanwhile my current account is depleted by another £155 (I have to pay my new provider as well of course). Thanks OVO. For nothing.

This company has gone to the dogs. Spending too much time buying competitors and sponsoring silly bike races instead of continuing to do what made them good in the first place.
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We've replied to your comment here, @harpingon. It's worth noting we can refund the recent payment that came to us, just get in touch with our team to do this. You can call them on 0330 303 5063 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, or message us on Facebook or Twitter with your name, DoB and account number. Alternatively you could also ask the bank to do an indemnity claim, which will return the money to you.
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Erm @Eva_OVO - that link you've attached to the word here doesn't work.
It's pointing at an address on Insided's domain name:

And @harpingon - please remember that a Direct Debit is an instruction from you to your bank. You are free to amend or cancel it at any time you want. As it's classed as a Contract, you actually have a whole heap of consumer-protection legislation to back you up.
Interesting to see I’m not the only one to have problems getting my money back! I left OVO in June. I can’t lie, for a while it was a great relationship but as one of the first loyal customers I got cheesed off with the price hikes (presumably to pay for all the acquisitions) and made the decision to move.

All seemed to be going smoothly, until I wanted my credit balance back. After I left they took the DD of course which seems standard reading all the comments. Phone call after phone call, lies about timings, I’ve heard “ring us back next week and I’m sure it will be sorted by then” on a number of occasions. I must have made over 10 phone calls now, listening to your jolly music while I wait for somebody to be bothered to answer the phone. I guess you decided not to bother with the “we are experiencing high call volumes but someone will be with you shortly” because it won’t be shortly.

Anyway, I digress! What I’d really like to understand is 1) after nearly 4 months WHEN WILL I BE GETTING MY MONEY 2) how do I lodge a formal complaint 3) give me the details of the Ombudsman.

Someone needs to report the sloppy processes here which are essentially profiteering and theft. I’ve never had issues like this with any other utilities provider - be warned anyone else thinking of joining OVO. They’ll take your money but you’ll spend a lifetime trying to get it back! Maybe one for WatchDog as I’m sure there will be more people suffering in silence!
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Hi @Sarahinolney - Sorry to hear of this hassle. Let's see if I can help. I have first-hand experience of Complaints Processes and taking matters to the Office of the Energy Ombudsman.

The most important fact we need to know is whether OVO have issued you with a Final Bill. This will be marked as such.

Without the Final Bill you can't get a refund from a previous Energy Supplier.

And the Final Bill itself only gets created once the previous Supplier receives the required notifications from the National Database for electricity meters (ECOES) and gas meters (Xoserve)

Answer that question first, and then we can track down where the log-jam is.