Switching to OVO but online account not fully active - is switch complete?

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We switched to OVO at the beginning of April but the switch still hasn't completed. We can't use the app to submit meter readings and the website keeps saying 'you're direct debit will be confirmed on..'

Any suggestions?

Thank you 


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Hey there @JSB !

Welcome to OVO and to the OVO Forum, it’s great to have you onboard!

I can try to help with this, but as a forum volunteer I can’t access or make any changes to your account directly. However, I can definitely give advice for free that can help solve issues like this.

The first thing I’d like to ask, is do you remember the exact date you started to switch to OVO? It takes around two weeks from there to get the switch done, but if it’s been longer than that, you may want to check in with the Support Team to find out why the switch is taking longer than expected. It could be a few reasons, but they can take a look.

Live Chat is probably the fastest method right now, but you can also phone in if you prefer. You can find all the options over at this page too.

I’ll be here if you still need a hand, so please let me know how you get on. If there’s anything else we can help out with, feel free to stop by the forum anytime. :)

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Updated on 18/07/22 by Jess_OVO

Welcome to OVO and to our online community, @JSB!


Sorry to hear about the confusion you’ve been having with your switch to OVO. Just to check did you select your switching date when you signed up? You should’ve had the option of choosing your start date, from the next working day to 29 days later. This starting date is also confirmed in your ‘Welcome Pack’, so it’s worth double-checking here.


If your switch happened within the last 6 weeks your online account won’t be fully accessible until we’ve issued your opening statement, so we’d recommend getting in touch with the Support Team if it’s been longer than this to check your switch is still on track. You can find out more about the switching process and timeframes on our guide to joining OVO.


Don’t forget to pop back here with an update, we’d love to hear how you get on!:blush:

I have recently switched to Ovo on 22nd May but the website and app is still saying switching is underway.  Support said they can see my meter readings, but it can take up to 4 weeks for the website to get updated.  This seems ridiculous.  Is this common?

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Hi there @Apburke !

Sorry about that! If you’ve only just started the switch on the 22nd May, there’s still another 11 days before you’re on-supply with OVO as your old supplier has to be notified first. It’s all done in the background though but your online account won’t be ready to start using until around five days before you come on-supply. This is all pretty normal across all suppliers as it’s a standard process.

Hang in there for a bit longer and keep an eye on your email inbox. You’ll get an email from OVO soon with the next steps, along with your old supplier reaching out to confirm they’ve picked up the switch request.

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Welcome to OVO and to our online community, @Apburke!


See you’ve already met our ever helpful community volunteer, @Blastoise186 whos given some great advice on the activation on your online account -



It’s all done in the background though but your online account won’t be ready to start using until around five days before you come on-supply.



If you’ve already submitted your opening meter readings, we need to get these checked by some third parties which is why it can take between 4 and 6 weeks. Once all the readings are confirmed we’ll send your opening statement and at this point you’ll gain full access to the online account. You can find more info on this in the best answer above.


Hang on in there, shouldn’t be long before your account is fully live and you can enjoy some great online features - such as OVO Greenlight:slight_smile:


If you’ve only just started the switch on the 22nd May, there’s still another 11 days before you’re on-supply with OVO as your old supplier has to be notified first.


Hi @Blastoise186 No I haven’t started my switch on the 22nd May, it was completed on the 22nd May.  I have fully switched over and confirmed that Ovo are supplying energy but the website still says it is switching over.   Now I have switched I would have expected to be able to view the account.

The readings are being read by the Ovo support team, but I still don’t see anything in the website and the app says the switch is still ongoing, with switching the date for supply to start every day to the next day!   Surely this isn’t right.   How long before I can access the website with all the appropriate data?


If you’ve already submitted your opening meter readings, we need to get these checked by some third parties which is why it can take between 4 and 6 weeks. Once all the readings are confirmed we’ll send your opening statement and at this point you’ll gain full access to the online account. You can find more info on this in the best answer above.


Thanks Jess.   Who does the meter reading checks for it to take 4-6 weeks?   I have to say this experience doesn’t help promote competition in the energy sector or make it easy to switch suppliers if it takes this long.    I understand Ovo needs to comply with regulations, but this seems a ridiculously long process.

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Thanks @Apburke .

This sounds like one of two things then. The first one is pretty standard, the second is a possible bug. I’ll explain both just in case.

Whenever you switch supplier, there’s a process that goes ahead between several parties including yourself, your old and new supplier, data collection/meter reading companies such as Morrison Data Services, DCC (if you’ve got a smart meter) and a few others which takes a few weeks and all of these processes have to complete properly for a successful switch to fully go through. Once you’ve had the Final Bill from your old supplier and the first Bill/Statement from your new supplier, this is usually the confirmation that the switching process has fully completed all the way through. It might be that you’re not quite there yet. But it only takes two weeks to actually switch the supply itself, so the heavy lifting is much faster than you might think.

The other possibility is whether your account didn’t sync up properly across OVO’s platforms. The Support Team can take a look just in case. It might just be a case of needing a re-sync. We’ll see what we can do either way and I can play some Joker Cards with Tim and Jess if needed.

@Blastoise186 @Jess_OVO @Tim_OVO I just wanted to provide an update on my account following the switch.   From today the account appears to have become active, which is 5 days from the supply switch and I can now view more details on the app and website.  This makes sense as you can change your initial meter readings within 5 days.    

However, I have some feedback which you may want to consider to help improve the onboarding of new customers.

  1. Make it clear that it may take some time for the online account to become active and change the app to reflect this, rather than the current situation where the app says your switch is still outstanding, it will switch on the next day and when the next day comes, it says it will switch on the next day again and so on.  This doesn’t provide confidence to the customer, so that should change to be more reflective of what is actually happening.
  2. Provide confirmation that the switch has completed via email (I still don’t have this), as with the app and website saying it was still underway it gives the wrong message and causes concern with the customer that the switch hasn’t actually happened.  The only way I found out the switch had happened was to ask support - which isn’t very efficient and also provides uncertainty for new customers.

Thank you for your help and I hope this feedback is useful for other customers joining Ovo.

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In that case, consider it done.

Your feedback will be submitted to the teams by Tuesday at the latest hopefully. But considering that a certain Jess has already liked your comment, I get the feeling it’s already been submitted. :)

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Thanks for your feedback, @Apburke.


In terms of a confirmation email, you should’ve received a ‘Welcome email’ within 5 days of apply to switch. The switch date is confirmed in this email and if, for any reason, there’s a change to this date, you would’ve also received an email explaining this.


I appreciate that your online account was creating confusion as to when your switch took place. Rest assured this tech issue has already been raised to the team to look in to and make sure this is fixed for those switching in future. I’m sorry that the tech issue did not make your switching date clearer and thank you for taking the time to update us and provide this valuable feedback.


Hope your journey with OVO is smoother going forwards. Let us know if you have any more questions once you’ve received that opening statement. :slight_smile:

Hi there - reading through this I have experienced similar issue which are still unresolved 3 months later. Sequence of events as follows;

  1. Requested switch of both gas and electricity to Ovo from Scottish Power mid April 2021.
  2. Never received any email confirmation of switch.
  3. Found out by looking at National Database that electricity was moved across. Gas remains with Scottish Power.
  4. Raised numerous complaints asking for a date of resolution - to be told it’s with the ‘Tech Team’ and they don’t provide dates.
  5. No direct debit being taken for electricity and cannot access app or online account.
  6. Ovo will not provide me with a deadlock letter to raise with the Ombardsman.


Is this normal? Can ANYONE help?

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Hi @stuartjhilton .

That doesn’t sound right, but I’m also a bit puzzled here. Let me see if I can catch @Tim_OVO or @Jess_OVO before they head off and we’ll see if we can figure out some clues.

I’ll keep watching this thread and hopefully they’ll stop by either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Many thanks Blatoise - I can provide you with # references and the non functional electrify account number if required.



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No worries. I’m afraid I can’t do anything with your account number as I’m only a forum volunteer. I don’t have the ability to access your account myself. Sorry!

However, if you’ve signed up to the OVO Forum using the same email address as the one you’ve signed up to OVO with, that makes it possible for Tim and Jess to locate your account via ModPowers if they need to. We’ll try to get you back on the road somehow.

Hi  @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO - do you have any further thoughts on this issue?

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Hi @stuartjhilton I’m scratching my head as to why I didn’t post here sooner - especially after the tag by Blastoise. I’m sorry about the delay!


This certainly doesn’t sound like a good experience you’ve had, and from what you’ve described you might not have been given the most helpful advice. 


If you’re on supply with OVO Energy for electricity, gas or both, we need to give you the option of paying for your energy, to avoid a debt from building up. It sounds like a technical issue is preventing any kind of access to your online account. 


Whilst I can’t comment on this as I don’t have all the details, you should have a customer file which our advisors can access, which would let you set up a Direct Debit. The advisor will also be able to forward any billing summaries to you so you’re kept in the loop whilst the technical issue is sorted. 


As for a complaint, you’re within your right to request this is escalated, and if a manager is unable to agree an action plan with you, this would be escalated to our Complaints team. The final step here is a deadlock letter, which I’m hopeful we’d be able to avoid. More info here


I would recommend you call our Support team in order to ensure a Direct Debit is set up (this kind of thing can’t be done via web chat): 0330 303 5063


 Hope this helps,


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Can take up to six weeks to set up my account?


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Hi @Jacko6625 ,

This usually doesn’t happen and most switches will get you on supply with the new supplier within two weeks. It sounds to me as if something beyond OVO’s control might be holding things up, but I wouldn’t be able to say what that might be.

If it gets stuck in that state for longer than six weeks, I’d definitely recommend chasing this up with the Support Team on 0330 303 5063. You might be able to ask them what the hold up is as well.

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Hi thanks for reply ,i was sorted in three weeks .I’m on with Ovo today gas and electric meters working . Message on meter says initialised. And has correct kWh and standing charges. It’s just the app with my account that is not up and running.

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Ahh ok gotcha.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for this and if they still don’t fix the issue, I can help you to get a bug report submitted right here on the forum. Either way, I think I’ll ask @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO to flag this up as a potential bug anyway because you should be able to use the app once you’re on supply.

It seems the app has gotten stuck, but I think you can fix this by reinstalling the app and then logging in again. Could you give that a shot and see what happens?

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Hi thanks just deleted app and reinstalled but still showing same message.

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I phoned customer service  today and they said I did not have a smart meter ? Yet I do for last three years. I sent in photos of both. My ihd says ovo supplying gas and electric and I have correct kWh for both. Yet cs says they were not getting info. Also no direct debit was set up for today . And has been sorted now. Could these issues be the reason app not working thanks.

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Hi @Jacko6625 hi @Blastoise186


I might be missing something here, but this sounds like the standard 6 weeks timeframe for things to get up and running following a switch.


@Jacko6625 you mention it being 3 weeks. Can you fully access your online account via your browser, and it’s just the app that’s showing this message? 

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I cannot access app or online browser.