Switching to OVO but online account not fully active - is switch complete?

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We switched to OVO at the beginning of April but the switch still hasn't completed. We can't use the app to submit meter readings and the website keeps saying 'you're direct debit will be confirmed on..'

Any suggestions?

Thank you 


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Welcome to OVO and to our online community, @JSB!


Sorry to hear about the confusion you’ve been having with your switch to OVO. Just to check did you select your switching date when you signed up? You should’ve had the option of choosing your start date, from the next working day to 29 days later. This starting date is also confirmed in your ‘Welcome Pack’, so it’s worth double-checking here.


If your switch happened within the last 6 weeks your online account won’t be fully accessible until we’ve issued your opening statement, so we’d recommend getting in touch with the Support Team if it’s been longer than this to check your switch is still on track. You can find out more about the switching process and timeframes on our guide to joining OVO.


Don’t forget to pop back here with an update, we’d love to hear how you get on!:blush:

I’m a new customer but my account isnt set up still after 2months so can’t use the app and electric is estimated even though the have had the info.Contacted customer services, very helpful and was asked to send a photo in of my electric meter to Did this on the same day, went away on a short break, came back to an email saying that that mailbox wasn’t in use, use the help in your account. Funnily enough the contact us email address‘isn’t available. Does anyone have an email address that does work for customer services please?

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Hi @Fozzyella and thanks for posting about this. 


I’m sorry to hear that you were given advice to email the hello inbox only to find out it had been closed. It’s true that for some query types we’re turning the email address off in favour of online chat. You can use online chat to attach a meter photo, and this avoids days of delay whilst your email sits in a queue. 


Hopefully we can get your account back on track when you reach out to us!

Hi i just joined ovo at the beginning of the month, but i cant see anything on my account yet, the home page is still on the switch page, your switch is under way with the 4 big ticks, they have already taking there first DD, does it always take this long before you can see anything on your homepage

thanks for any help

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Hi @adamf154 , I don’t quite remember the sequence when I switched but perhaps this might help


ok thanks for that


Apparently account fullu active live with ovo, tried numerous browsers and ovo links over 4 weeks but no further forward. Dont know where to go next

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The Support Team can check this. They’re open for another couple of hours at .

Otherwise, they’ll be open again on Monday

It was ovo chat I was in contact with, sending me links to set up account again, told them it doesnt work. Reply I got was be patient, I can see my credit balance on the help pages  nothing else

I have the very same thing Linda, nearly three weeks now


i chased OVO on twitter and after some back and forth trying to reset my account a new agent came back to me and said it can take up to six weeks when switching suppliers, regardless of the fact they’re the same company, due to account validation procedures


I’ll see what happens in three weeks


hope this helps 


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They are not the same company and the migration process has to run like any other switch would.

I'll explain more in the morning. 

Fixed now, thanks

Linda, can I ask how you managed to resolve the issue, thanks 

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Linda, can I ask how you managed to resolve the issue, thanks 

The most likely solution I can think of is that the automated processes completed and launched the account. This is just based on experience as a forum volunteer here mind you - I don’t touch internal systems.

The best thing to do is wait six weeks after switching over. Only after that can you escalate for attention if it’s still stuck.

I hope so, thank you


Only wish that either SSE or OVO had mentioned this in the correspondence or emails but the impression they have was that all would be sorted immediately 



Im reaching out to this forum as OVO support is clearly not resolving my issue.


I requested a switch for my gas from Shell energy to OVO on the 8th July, despite me contacting their support several times over the month I am still not set up with the gas. It's not showing in my account.


Is this normal? It’s been over a month and i’m concerned about how they are going to calculate my bill as i’ve not submitted a meter reading as its not in my account!

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Hi @mattblack01 ,

Looks like you posted a few times by mistake. Bear with me and I’ll arrange to have the others cleaned up. Let’s use this one for your question!

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Hey @mattblack01 


Sorry to hear about this.


Do you know what the proposed switch date should have been? The switch may have been rejected to by Shell, which would prevent the supply from coming over to us.


Have you spoken with Shell about all of this? What did our Support Team say, did they say the supply hasn’t changed yet?


Check out this handy guide below on what things should be like switching to OVO:


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@mattblack01 there are also legal time limits for switching.

These are on the ofgem website.

Switch completes within 15 working days.

£30 by new supplier

This is  a screenshot of what ofgem say is the current law effective 1 May 2019. 

So as @Abby_OVO has suggested, I would ask ovo what the hold up is. 

Ofgem also say:

"You won’t need to do anything if suppliers breach a standard and spot the issue. Compensation is automatic. You can report a claim too.

Suppliers have 10 working days from a breach to pay you. They could owe a further £30 if they don’t meet this timeline. Ofgem monitors supplier data to make sure they do this.

If you think an issue isn’t fixed or you haven’t been compensated, it’s best to contact your supplier to tell them. If you aren’t happy with their response then make a complaint. "

I switched from Eon next to OVO on 1st September

smart meter display is working, it shows meter readings and (correctly) has been updated to say my supplier is OVO and rates are correct.

I have been able to set up charge anytime app and that is scheduling EV charging and showing savings in the app.

However -

Ovo are not receiving ½ holy meter readings (or indeed any meter readings).

The citizen advice website is still showing my meter as connected to eon.

i have contacted OVO who have said (a) I shouldn’t be able to connect to app if switchover hasn’t worked and (b) I just need to wait for the smart meter to be connected to them and © that their info shows that I have a manual meter.

I don’t think that I will be able to claim refund on EV charging until this is sorted so delay will cost me c£200/ month. I also think that just waiting won’t sort it and when I’ve called no one seems to have any interest in working out what needs to be sorted.

is anyone able to advise me please ? 





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It takes up to six weeks to fully commission everything. Please allow more time for the full process to complete.

You’ll be able to set up Charge Anytime once everything is fully active.

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OVO do explain the delay after switching on their webpage. 


It takes up to six weeks to fully commission everything. Please allow more time for the full process to complete.

You’ll be able to set up Charge Anytime once everything is fully active.

Thanks for reply, really appreciated. Yes I think I would understand if nothing was working but smart meter shows me as connected to OVO and I have been able to set up the charge anytime app which is proactively managing my charging times for me and showing savings on the app- given this I would have thought that meter readings should be working to OVO ?

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You can try to ask for the SMETS Command to update the read schedule to be sent. However, it’s not guaranteed to work yet.

It's been more than three months since I moved into my house, and OVO still hasn't set up my account. Despite multiple calls to their customer service, I've been shuffled from one department to another without any resolution. I've even experienced long wait times on the phone, which often lead to disconnections. This situation is causing financial uncertainty because I can't track my electricity consumption accurately. I'd appreciate any advice on how to resolve this, as contacting them via phone or online chat has been unsuccessful


Many thanks.