Mismatch on final and opening meter reading - how can I resolve this?

Final reading from old supplier did not match those provided for your first. The electricity is right, but the gas is incorrect. Final bill says I must inform new supplier of the difference. Can you please help?

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Firstly  - Welcome to OVO and to our wonderful online community!

Great question to ask about the discrepancy you’ve noticed with your readings there. Sounds like you submitted some opening meter readings, but these don’t match up with what you’re seeing on the final statement you’ve received from your previous supplier.

As our switching guide advises, we do encourage you to supply some opening meter readings around the date you switch. Once you submit these readings they are sent off to the energy industry to be  externally checked, so there is a chance that they may be adjusted slightly by the time you see them on your statement.

If you haven’t already it’s worth checking this final reading matches the opening meter reading we’ve used on your first statement. This statement will be issued within 6 weeks of your switch date and can be viewed on the ‘Billing history’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS):


Click ‘view details’ to see the meter readings

So long as the reading matches (despite not being quite what you submitted) you can be sure you haven’t been double charged for any energy used during your switching period. If the closing reading doesn’t match the opening reading it’s worth reaching out to our Support Team to check which reading was the ‘agreed reading’. If your previous supplier has billed you to a reading that hasn’t been agreed, they must re-issue your final statement to the correct reading.

If there’s a large difference between the readings you supplied and those used on your statement (even if both readings match) we may be able to apply to have them corrected - this process is known as the meter reading dispute process, and depends on the reading being outside of a certain tolerance - read more about this here.

Hope this helps get to the bottom of things and the switching hiccups are sorted quickly!

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Thanks for the reply. My account is now live and It appears ovo have taken on the meter reading for the final bill from old supplier. So all is well.

I switched from OVO just over six weeks ago. I sent readings to the new supplier a few days before the switch date. I didn’t make a note of the readings  (because it was an new meter with very low values) but I can see the values on my OVO account. I received a final electricity statement within 2 weeks but there seems to be a problem with the final gas account.

 When I look on the new supplier’s account the initial reading looks as though the readings from the old and new meters have been added together so that it is much higher tnan the current readings.

Is this normal ? Do I need to contact one of the suppliers ? Which one?

My OVO account is still alive . I can reduce the direct debit to reflect the fact that the electricity account has finished , but not to zero. Will I be getting interest on the credit balance?

I’ve just noticed that the new supplier is quoting the reference number of the old gas meter. Presumably this came from OVO or Xoserve. I just emailed both companies with as many details as I’ve got. In the meantime OVO have taken another DD. Better than a bank if I’m  getting interest.:wink:

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I’ve moved your post here, @BillSpen, check out @Transparent’s best answer, you’ve mentioned you’ve emailed our team, they’ll be back with you normally within 48 hours. 


I’ve had contact from both sides and they seem to understand the issue. If I cancel my DD at the bank (can’t do it on the OVO account), will I have problems getting my credit refund (now three times the monthly payment)?

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Hi @BillSpen - no we can still refund it even if you cancel :thumbsup_tone2:

Thanks for that. Correct meter number now showing on new account and it has been sent to the database. progess.

Correct reading on new supplier’s account for a week. No sign of final account from OVO.

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Hi @BillSpen - might be worth chasing this up, though it can take a few days to pass through the various industry bodies. Pop the team a message on Facebook with your account number, full name and DoB.

I had been an electricity customer for a number of years without problem, but when I changed my gas supply to OVO  my problems began. I took my gas meter reading and submitted it to my previous supplier and to OVO. I paid my previous supplier for gas consumed from them. However OVO obtained an ESTIMATED reading from some cowboys who gave a reading lower than the one I had paid to my previous supplier and given to OVO. 

OVO refused to correct my opening reading which meant that I would be paying twice for the gas between the opening reading from the cowboys and the actual reading given by me to OVO.  I had lots of promises by telephone that this would be sorted but one year later nothing. I had a voice message to tell me the man dealing with it was gong to email me his phone number so he could resolve the matter, but forgot to send me the email.  I have cancelled my direct debit to see if this will focus their attention, if not I shall go elsewhere.

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Thanks for sharing this experience, @100309077 and I’m sorry to hear it’s still not resolved yet!


Just quickly, I’m going to send you a PM now to propose that we change your username. What looks like your OVO ID isn’t the best choice as this is personnel account info. 


Please be advised that only ‘validated’ change over readings should be used to bill you, with both suppliers using this reading. See this topic thread (above) for more info on this process, which is designed to avoid the damaging double charge that you speak of. Someone’s at fault, and I’m sorry. 


However your complaint should be resolvable and quick. I’ll ask for some account info in that private message and check if I can’t help at all.