Why is my Chameleon IHD not working?

  • 12 February 2018
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Since having my new meters fitted the IHD loses its connection, sometimes for a month, I think it's faulty, does anyone else have this problem?


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Since having my new meters fitted the IHD loses its connection, sometime for a month, i think it's faulty, does anyone else have this problem ?

Hey Nat995,

Have you tried to move the IHD closer to your electricity meter? It may keep cutting out due to connectivity issues.


I have tried this and it has no effect at all

I hope someone can help me - the IHD was set up Wednesday lunchtime (now Friday eve) and it still is waiting for current data apparently and does not seem to know when i am putting kettle on this normal or if not what do i have to do to get it fixed without calling someone and losing my Self Service Reward? Thanks in advance!
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Sorry to hear about the issues you’re seeing with your In Home Display (IHD).  If your device shows “Waiting for current data” and it’s be more than 6 weeks since the install, this could indicate a communication issue either between the IHD and the Smart Meters or between the Smart Meters and OVO.


Here’s some things which can cause communication issues between your IHD and your Smart Meter:

  • Distance: make sure your In Home Display is near your electricity meter - ideally within 6 metres. If it’s not connected or isn't showing usage data, move it closer!
  • Obstructions: Is there anything that could be blocking the signal between the IHD and the meters? (eg an exterior wall)
  • Home Area Network (HAN): your smart meter(s) might not be on the HAN, preventing devices from connecting to it (if not paired to the meters the IHD will show the incorrect time/date)
  • Firmware: there might be a firmware issue with the IHD or smart meter, that’s causing connectivity issues.   

For more help see our IHD guide for S1 meters or S2 meters.


You can check whether this error message indicates a communication issue between OVO and your Smart Meter on this S1 guide or this S2 guide, if so reach out to our Support team for further help.


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We have had smart meters put in, ihd arrived a week or so later. It was 'switched on' ovo's end but all we've had is 'waiting for current data' for a week. Any ideas?
So, no one knows anything?
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Lots of people get this problem, including me. If you have tried the usual switching it off and back on after a minute and moved it closer to the meter then it is unlikely to work for 6 to 8 weeks whilst your accounts are being set up correctly.

It is not just OVO customers experiencing this problem. The energy forums are awash with complaints about IHDs. The energy company Bulb has recently put out a statement apologising and a full explanation of what went wrong. Apparently there is a fix coming out in September for the type of IHD that we have been supplied.

The system appears to have been rushed in without being fully tested.
Nice one, thanks for taking the time to reply.
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Thanks for stepping in @Barnabee, we tend not to moderate over the weekend @Adam1968uk, but we will try and get back to you as soon as we can.

@Barnabee's info is bang on, but it may not apply to your meter type. I've moved your posts here, this topic helps cover the answer please check out @Tim_OVO's answer below for your next steps!

I hope someone can help me - the IHD was set up Wednesday lunchtime (now Friday eve) and it still is waiting for current data
Still not connected, @reginaldo ?

Make sure it's near the electricity meter, and look for the 'WiFi' symbol top left of the meter screen. If it's not there, we might need to 'pair' the device to the meter, which we need you to call to sort: 0330 303 5063
Thanks for tip - I was told that a next gen version would be sent to me (apparently the one I have is showing nonsense) which is a known fault (?!) anyway that was a full 3-4 months ago - does anyone know what is the status update for the new gen IHD?
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That is a while, @reginaldo, please get in touch with our team.

You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat, or give them a call. You can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 30 5063.


My IHD used to only show electricity and not gas, and OVO could only get gas readings. I noticed OVO were now getting gas readings and electricity readings so I switched on the IHD after it had been left unplugged for months. It picks up gas but not electricity now, and doesn't show live use.


Anything to fix this?

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Take a look at the best answer, @neilwjsimpson, if it doesn’t help please reach out to the team. 

My IHD is not working and the following 

  • The time is showing 00.00
  • The WIFI symbol is on but flashing
  • The IHD is approx. 0.5 metres from the meter
  • About a week ago I first noticed it was off
  • It repeatedly tries to login to the router but fails with all red amber green lights flashing intermittently
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I’ve moved your post here, @wiltshiredon, check out the best answer for further info. 

We have thick granite walls, so occasionally our smart meter reader loses its connection with the box outside.  When this happens I take it outside, power it up with the battery pack for my iPhone next to the box and it reconnects, take it back inside and reconnect it to the mains power in its usual position.  This works every time.

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That sounds useful @Mains1900 . Does the display disconnect often?

Only occasionally.

Dec 13th smart meter installed 

Ihd 3. worked for a few days

Phoned OVO tried to pair a few times 

but still did not work. 

OVO sent new ihd received geo ihd

Did not work. They tried to pair a few times did not work

Sent me questionnaire which I replied to and sent photos. 

Received phone call to confirm but still did not work after trying to pair a few times.

Phoned again 1,2,3,4,5 times said they would send new one

I phoned to confirm,told it was rejected,they reordered, phoned to confirm again, told wrong eu code, they ordered again,phoned again to confirm, was told missing information and told it has now been reordered.  Phoned again today and was told it was rejected again. So I am waiting I am a pensioner and alone, this is so worrying.  I just want a working ihd 🥺

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Hi @Anitawa , just while you’re waiting (and knowing that IHD’s do drop connection from time to time), there are authorised third party services (free) that can give you energy usage, although not instant. 
There’s a bit of a summary here if it’s of use to you. 


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Hey @Anitawa,


I’m so sorry to hear this, it sounds very frustrating.


I can see BPLightlog has given some great advice here, if you’re a pay monthly customer, you’ll also be able to monitor your usage via the Online Account



Are the smart meters themselves communicating as they should? 



It’s important to remember that the billing is based on readings from the smart meter, so a faulty IHD shouldn’t affect your billing. Provided the smart meters are in communication with OVO your statements will be accurate. 


If you or anyone in your household is vulnerable, or just needs a little extra assistance at a difficult time in your lives, our Priority Services Register is a free support service you might find useful.

Good morning, my smart meter is not working I have switched it off and on again and it’s still not working I have pressed buttons to wake the Home Screen up but it’s not working 

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Hi @Kellyrose ,

We need to see photos please.

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Hi @Kellyrose,

Just so we can be sure what you are having issues with, do you mean the smart meter that is attached to your wall or your in-home display?

If you don’t have any supply at the moment please contact our Support Team who can arrange an engineer visit. 


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I think it’s the IHD