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Ive just gone onto the OVO drive tariff and want the Anytime Plan But I already have a Pod Point charger at home. Will the Anytime work with Podpoint or will I need to change the charger? I have a SMET2 smart meter.  

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Hi @Chris78 

Short answer is that the Podpoint charger won't be compatible with +Anytime. You'll need either an Indra or Ohme charger as detailed in the FAQs on this page.


Ahh well not much point then. £1k for a charger will take me over 2 years at the 5p rate to save that amount. Wonder if there a technical reason or its just a partnership with OVO and the charger manufacturer. 🤔 

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Actually, OVO’s Direct To Vehicle option might still save you yet!

Depending on your EV, OVO is working on a way to get the data they need for Drive + Anytime directly from the EV no matter what charger you use. Hang in there for a bit and keep an eye out for updates.

The biggest reason only certain chargers are compatible right now - from my understanding - is more down to technical reasons in that only certain chargers are compatible at all. If the charger has no kind of API or anything similar, smart charging is impossible to do at that level.

Thanks hope so. Can't believe its hardware as my podpoint transmit how much I charge to an app on my phone so it must just be software issues