What's the best way to switch from pay monthly to prepayment (PAYG) with OVO?

  • 22 July 2022
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Hi all,  recently moved into a new house and we have just been moves from sse to ovo. We have just had new smart meters and in home display etc fitted by ovo. We told them we wanted to change from quarterly billing, used by previous tenant, to pre payment. The meters will do this. But nothing has been done by ovo, and after 2 hours on the phone being passed from one person to thr next and cut off 3 times, they keep trying to send me to Boost. Boost keep sending me back as I'm.not their customer and they have no details so can't do anything. Ovo clearly do pre payment as they have an app for it, our new meters will do it as the engineer told us, yet no one on the phone seems to be able to help. Thr last person I spoke to seemed to accept ovo can do this but suggested I ring back in a week as the meters weren't registered yet. Really can't go through all the hassle again, anyone have any ideas about who to contact, what to tell them, and exactly how to simply get onto pre payment? Any advise greatly appreciated. My partner has PTSD and this stress of payment is not helping her.


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Hi @Michaelgodfrey1970 and welcome to the OVO online community,


Firstly I’m so sorry for the confusion and mixed messages you’ve received when attempting to request a change from OVO Pay Monthly to an OVO PAYG plan. This was previously only offered via a change to our PAYG sister company, Boost. However we have just launched OVO PAYG, so I’m sorry to hear that you may have been given out of date information.


At the moment OVO PAYG is only available to customers with enrolled SMETS1 meters or SMETS2 meters, upon request. It sounds like you’ve just recently had smart meters installed. As it can take up to 6 weeks for us to up date your OVO account with the new meter details, I’m wondering if is now causing the delay to making the change you’ve requested. When exactly were  your new smart meters installed?

I’m also really sorry to hear of any undue stress that’s been caused by this delay, particularly given your partners PTSD. If you haven’t already we’d encourage you to consider signing up for our Priority Services Register - This is a free register offered by all energy suppliers and helps us offer extra services which might help, such as a pre-warning to any planned energy outages. You can find out more and sign up online here.


I hope this information is helpful - Let us know if you need any more advice here.

Hello, and thank you very much for your reply. We had our new smart meters fitted last Wednesday, so just one week ago. The engineer said they were the newest ones and capable of being used for pay as you go.

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Hi @Jess_OVO are OVO pay as you go rates the same as OVO pay monthly rates?


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Hello, and thank you very much for your reply. We had our new smart meters fitted last Wednesday, so just one week ago. The engineer said they were the newest ones and capable of being used for pay as you go.

Just a quick heads up there. It will take up to six weeks before the meters are fully commissioned. Full services may not be available until then.

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Hi @Jess_OVO are OVO pay as you go rates the same as OVO pay monthly rates?


A great question to ask, @Jeffus - I’m checking this one with the OVO PAYG team so will be back with confirmation shortly.

I just don’t know where to start with this.


I asked to changed from Boost to OPAYG to OVO DD for my electric.  I am already with OVO for my Gas on DD.  

I got an email on 22nd June to say the switch had been made but nothing showed up when I login to OVO for the electric.  Although my smart meter said it was now on a credit meter and I wasn’t having to top up anymore.


Between the 22 June and the start of August if I was calling Boost they were telling me the account was with OVO and when I called OVO they were telling me the account was with Boost.


Eventually I logged into my OVO account and it said “welcome to your new home we are switching your energy to us”.  I have lived in the property 7 years.


On the 9th August it asked me for an electric meeting which I gave them.


Now when I login to the OVO account I can see my gas plan, my usage, my unit cost and my DD amount (Gas only).  None of this is showing for the electric.  All that is showing is daily meter readings getting sent from the smart meter.


I have made numerous calls to OVO and used the web chat to keep being told numerous scenarios.  I just feel like I am being lied to all the time.


I have today had an email to say it is going to the escalated complaints department.  I however have lost all faith in them.


I have also not received a final bill from Boost who owe me money.


I am of ill health and they are just making me feel worse.


Its beyond me why I have to keep chasing them in order to get a bill and start making payments.

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Hi @carley106 - thanks for sharing this negative experience and I’m sorry to hear what a struggle its been.


I can see you’ve mentioned getting this complaint escalated which I think gives you the best chance of success. Now you’ll have someone assigned to your issue till its resolved, or until the complaint is escalated to the Energy Ombudsman. I’m confidant this won’t be necessary, as all you want is a working pay monthly account for gas and electric. We should be able to sort that!


For more information on OVO’s complaint procedure, see this page