Managing an OVO account via Power of Attorney (POA) - How can I speak to someone to resolve smart meter issues causing estimated bills?

  • 17 November 2021
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My mother moved house and was already an existing ovo customer .her new flat had a smart meter installed by eon. She switched to ovo in october 2020 and has not had an actual reading since her bills are entirely estimated. My mother has become vulnerable so i now manage her finances through a lasting power of attorney which i have provided ovo with. I have been refus ed access to an operator on a number of occasions andon others am able to speak to someone. I have been told the meter is faulty so cannot obtain a manual readjng from it. I am at the end of my patience and am gojng to cancel the direct debit until.i get an actual reading


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Hi @Paulineclifton ,

Sorry to hear of the trouble, but cancelling the Direct Debit payments in protest will only make things worse, so it’s not recommended unless you want to risk further damage.

I can try to help with diagnosing possible issues with the meters though. Please could you post some photos of the meters in question in your next reply. I can use these to figure out what your mother has, which helps me to know what troubleshooting to recommend.


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Hi @Paulineclifton and Welcome to the OVO online community,


I’m so sorry to hear of the difficulties you’ve had when managing your mother’s account with us. If you’ve provided a copy of the Power of Attorney documents you should be able to contact our Support Team to discuss the account fully so it’s disappointing to hear this hasn’t been the case. I would encourage you to reach out to the Support Team to check whether the documents you have provided have been received and logged correctly. The easiest way to get in touch is via our Web Chat which you can access at the bottom of this page.


In terms of the problems you’ve described with the meter, it sounds like we may not be currently able to communicate with the meter remotely. This could be because the meter is a SMETS 1 meter that’s not yet been ‘enrolled’ so may not yet be compatible with us, or there could be communication issues preventing us receiving the readings. Either way you should still be able to take the reading manually by pressing certain buttons on the meter itself (for an idea of what to press - here’s some info on how the smart meters we install can be read manually). If the meter screen isn’t waking up when you press a button on the meter, this could be a meter fault for which we’d offer a replacement meter.


Whilst it might be helpful for us to see photos of the meter to narrow down our advice here, not to worry if this isn’t possible. Most importantly we need to get those POA documents properly processed to allow you to discuss these meter issues with our Support Team.


I hope this information is helpful in getting things sorted - Do let us know how you get on and if you need any more advice. We’re always happy to help here where we can. :slight_smile:

i need some help regarding account number *edited by a moderator* please?

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Hi @perry lee and Welcome to the OVO online community,


Just as a heads-up, this is a public forum designed for OVO members to share their own knowledge, and offer advice on green tech and greener living. We can’t access your account here so to keep your details safe, we’ve slightly edited your comment to remove any personal details.


Is there some general advice or help you’re after? If you provide a few more details I’m sure one of our community members will be able to offer some top tips. 


If you’re looking to make any changes to your account or want to discuss an account-specific issue this one is best directed to our Support Team.


Let us know how you get on. :thumbsup:

I really would like some help and assistance, can someone from customer services or support team call me on my mobile number - I have written a letter and sent recorded/ signed for postage with my personal details enclosed, as I have had no help so far.

Thank you in advance


Perry Lee

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Hi @perry lee ,

I’m afraid this sounds like something we can’t help with via the forum as most of us - including myself - are volunteers who don’t have permission to access your account. That also means we’d never be able to read the letter you sent to OVO - which would have to be handled by the Support Team.

We’re also unable to arrange a callback from here and OVO only usually does them in response to you calling in and either requesting one while in the queue, or returning your call if it drops out while speaking to someone.

If you call 0330 303 5063 someone will be able to help you more than we can for account-specific requests.

Thanks for understanding