How long does it take for a direct debit payment to show on my OVO account balance?

  • 4 October 2021
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As it says in the title.

How long before a direct debit payment shows in my account.




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Hi @fergus001 and Welcome to the OVO online community!


Great first question this one. I’m guessing you’ve seen your monthly Direct Debit leaving your bank account. This should reach your OVO account and be reflected on your balance within 2 working days, although it’s usually a bit quicker than this.


Have you checked your balance by logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) yet?


Do pop back and let us know if you’ve managed to see your balance update - it will really help other who might be having the same Direct Debit query. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the reply. Direct Debit was on Friday 1st and is reflected in my Balance as of this afternoon. 



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The reason that it’s a bit delayed with OVO is more to protect both you and OVO from fraud or bounced payments - a lot of companies tend to make the balance show up immediately but then there’s a risk of it “vanishing” if the payment bounces or fails. So OVO gets around this by only having the Direct Debit top-up your balance once OVO has verified that the payment has been completed successfully.

Direct Debits also take five working days to fully process and your chosen date is actually day three. It works a bit like this, assuming your next one is a Wednesday:

  1. Monday (Day 0): OVO makes a DD payment request and it enters their bank
  2. Tuesday (Day 1): the payment request is between banks
  3. Wednesday (Day 3): the payment request reaches your bank and the funds are taken from your account, it then starts the return journey
  4. Thursday (Day 4): the payment is between banks
  5. Friday (Day 5): the payment reaches OVO’s bank and is processed - this is the point when MyOVO detects an incoming payment and throws the payment onto your account balance.

Source: Me using PayPal a LOT to do Direct Debit payments! XD

I have paid, but my account doesn’t show it.



How long before my account is credited with this payment?

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Howdy @mist ,

Don’t worry, it will show up soon. Direct Debits take three working days to get back to OVO after they leave your bank account. Based on the fact it went out yesterday, it should show up by 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 9th January 2022). If you don’t see it in your OVO account by Thursday morning, the Support Team will be happy to chase this up and trace the payment for you. If needed, they can also manually force it through.

Hope this helps.