How do I reconnect an electricity supply for a property which has been empty for some time?

Property has been empty for some time, and I want to get my electricity supply reconnected. How do I get this done? I’ve already called three different numbers and im pushed from pillar to post.



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Take a look here they should be able to point you in right direction

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Hi @Rob Tai ,

I remember that there was a glitch with the number for SSE that you’d need for this. Would you be OK to hang in there for a bit while I ask @Jess_OVO to verify the correct contact info?

Nice photo by the way :)

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Updated on 09/08/22 by Tim_OVO: 


What a lovely photo, @Rob Tai.


Just to clarify, as you mention the electricity supply is currently disconnected, is there still an electricity meter on-site? If so it may be a case of finding out who supplies this meter to get an account set-up with them and the electricity back up and running. You can check this by contacting your DNO - more details here.


If there’s no meter at the moment, this would require a new supply to be set-up. OVO Energy can now take on new connections. Some details of what to do is below:


Is a new connection needed?


If you have a supply number already (MPAN for electricity, MPAN for gas) and a meter attached, you already have a new connection and you can switch via the normal way online (when available).

Are you a domestic customer?

  • Are you a domestic customer who will be living at the property
    • If no: we can only offer a new connection to domestic customers who'll be living at the property. 
    • If yes: continue to the next section below


Request a new connection

  1. We’ll need to have a check that you have the supporting infrastructure in place (as we'll only be joining the meter to the connections):
    • Electricity: cabling from the mains should already be on site
    • Gas: pipework from the gas main in the street should be on site
  2. If the main connections are available, our Support team can request a new connection from our operations team.


What you should know

  • We'll complete a few checks and confirm the date for an engineer visit
    • Please look out for this and contact us if the date isn't suitable
  • If we arrive and can't complete the new connection, we'll let you know why and next steps needed to resolve the issue
  • We'll install smart meters by default, and they'll be in pay monthly (credit/PAYM) setting
  • If you want a prepayment (PAYG) meter, we'll:
    • Install as pay monthly first
    • Check the meters are working correctly (so we don't leave you without supply)
    • Switch them to a PAYG tariff and account
    • Add any debt accrued in the PAYM setting, set at a repayment rate aligned with our current processes


Hope that helps!

Meter is in the property. show my energy network operator as SSEN. Their website says the address is outside their distribution area, and the serial number search says the distributer is SSE/Ovo.

Depending who I’ve spoke to at SSE/Ovo/N Power, the account is migrating to Ovo: N Power is the supplier: the post code related to a different property on a different island: the serial number relates to another different property in a different village, and there is no record of any property.

So, one week later and about 20 phone calls lasting many hours, I still don’t know who my electricity supplier is. What does seem clear is the National Database records mentioned by the above suppliers is incorrect. My property is remote, and its possible the post code relates to my property only.       

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Hi @Rob Tai,


It looks like your most recent post got picked up by our spam filter - I’ve just removed it now!


What’s the latest on this one? This sounds tricky:


N Power is the supplier: the post code related to a different property on a different island: the serial number relates to another different property in a different village, and there is no record of any property.



What does the Royal Mail think your address is and how does this correlate with the registered energy supplier? 


The DNS have made two site visits, and these are the facts. There is a meter in the property, and the line is connected to the transformer which is next to the property. The transformer only serves this property, but has been disconnected from the HV line. So this physical problem has been identified, and the DNS (SSE) said this will be rectified some time in the future. HOWEVER, the real problem is setting up an account. SSE said call Ovo to reactivate the supply and set up a new account. I called OVo and they said they can’t do this and I have to go back to SSE,  as the account is with them. I’ve now been on hold with SSE for 30 minutes………….

SO IN CONCLUSION, since February, dozens of calls, with lots of helpful staff, but still no electricity and no account.  ☹️

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Sounds like a really frustrating one this one, @Rob Tai.


Did you manage to get things set-up with SSE in the end?


While we’re in the process of moving the remaining SSE customer accounts over to OVO, if the supply for your property is yet to be moved over, you’ll need to contact the SSE Support Team in order to create a new account. I’m really sorry for the confusion over who you’d need to contact.


I’m hoping things are on their way to being sorted now, if not please let us know and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to follow this up for you.

No Nothing was sorted out. I spent three hours on the phone being on hold and finally speaking to someone, and then being told I had been transferred to the wrong department, and on and on. This happened I think three times, and in the end I had to stop because I had a meeting to go  to. 

That said, I noticed in your first message “Currently OVO or SSE doesn’t offer this so we’d recommend reaching out to another large energy supplier to request a new connection.”

So today on the basis of your advice I’ve been on price comparison sites including switcharoo, who have told me they have no tariffs to sell me for my property until the end of May, and when they do they will call me! 


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Hey @Rob Tai ,

I’ve had confirmation that OVO is now capable of getting you connected. If you get in touch sometime this week, the Support Team can get the ball rolling.


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Hey @Rob Tai,


Sorry this problem is still on-going!


I’ll send you a private message about this. 

Was on hold for 90 minutes with SSE yesterday before I hung up. I’ve now been on hold for 37 minutes with SSE Home Moves Department. This is after around 30 minutes on hold with the General Line. 


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Hey @Rob Tai,


Sorry to hear you’re having issues getting through to SSE.


It might be worth contacting them through web messenger and requesting they call you. 

Hi. Thank for your advice, but I can’t wait at home all day on the off chance someone will call me. I am working flat out on renovating this property, and it’

s not easy without electricity for power tools and now its getting cold - heat.

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Hey @Rob Tai,


I’m afraid you’ll need to speak to SSE in order to get this resolved, sorry about the long wait times. Energy companies are experiencing really high volumes of contact currently  

Sure I understand, but i’ve been trying to do this since March, and that cannot simply be down to the high levels of calls SSE is experiencing. 

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Hey @Rob Tai,


Sorry to hear that.


In that case it might be helpful to raise a complaint, you can find out more about the SSE Complaints Procedure here

On 27th June I downloaded the “SSE Complaints Procedure” and “Our Complaints Procedure for Energy Customers” and followed their instructions to the very letter. I called the number, but I got no answer. I emailed my complaint to the emails address as shown in the procedure, but my email bounced. I also filled in the Complaints Form but got no reply. I’ve also called and asked to speak to the Manager, and I’ve been cut off. 

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Hey @Rob Tai,


I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll get someone to send you a private message. 

Hi ...Sorry to kind of hijack, but I simply can't an answer or be put through to someone also. I wish to have the gas and electric connected to my home. I am having the same frustrations…...on the phone 1hr 40mins Friday  21/10/22 then cut off. On the phone Saturday after waiting 1hr then told the department was closed until Monday. On the phone again this morning Monday 24/10/22 1hr 20 mins then cut off. Called again...1hr later being put through to Home moves department then cut off. Called again the person tried to get me sorted but said I needed to be transferred to Meter and guessed it…. cut off again 1hr 10mins!

So far 6hrs 10mins on the phone and no further forward!

7hrs 30mins now…..General enquiries say I need to speak to Home Moves….so when I do get put through and wait in the que….they then say I need to speak to Metering Appointments… again after a wait I speak to Metering Appointments who then say I need to speak to Home Moves!

Back to square one…..unbelievable


I’ve spent over 40 hours on the phone since March trying to sort this out, and around five hours last week alone. How can hard-working honest people be treated like they are worthless. This behavior is despicable, and the hard part is trying to keep cool when you are furious with the waiting, but you know the person at the other end in not responsible for such appalling customer services.      

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Hey @DaveWynd,


Sorry for the issues you’re having, that sounds very frustrating.


You can find out more about our Complaints Procedure here

Since March, I’ve been trying to get SSE to send and engineer to the property to do the checks and get the property reenergized, but sadly to no avail. I’ve spent around 40 hours on the phone to SSE and Ovo, of course on hold for most of the time. I’ve gone through the SSE Complaint’s Procedure a few times, written to the Chairman twice, had assistance from Citizens Advice, and had a lot of help from Alasdair Allan MSP, who said he has written to SSE and Ofgem. I’ve also gone through Revoo procedure, and the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman has adjudicated in my favor, and instructed SSE to pay me compensation, send me a letter of apology, and reenergize my property by 24th, but still nothing.