Electricity / gas meter and equipment - who's responsible? DIY tutorial series

  • 30 September 2020
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Electricity / gas meter and equipment - who's responsible? DIY tutorial series
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Who’s responsible for the meter and the equipment - your guide


We have a similar topic on this for electricity only, but here’s your guide for both E and G! 


See this guide for a full list of jobs we send engineers out for. If you need to book in an engineer appointment with OVO, see this guide to confirm costs. 



Example of electricity meter setup

Distribution Network Operator (DNO) responsibilities

  • Meter tails before the cutout
  • Meter backboard
  • Cut-out (also known as 'service head'), which holds the main fuse - Its purpose is to absorb any energy surges which could damage the wiring and appliances within the property


You should contact the DNO in the event of:

  • Power cuts
  • Emergency relating to the cut-out
  • Exposed wiring between street and cut-out

DNO contact information can be found here.

OVO responsibilities

  • Meter - this records the electricity consumption of all electrical items in the property
  • Meter tails between cut-out to meter and between meter and isolation switch - they carry current between pieces of equipment
  • ​​​​​Time-switch (for older Eco-7 meters) - this dictates when each register on a meter records consumption


You will need to book an emergency appointment with OVO in the event of:

  • Meter sparking, smoking, overheated
  • Moisture in the meter
  • Meter off wall
  • Fault with meter tails
  • Exposed wiring meter tails
  • General fault with meter


Do this by calling us on: 0330 303 5063 between Monday to Friday 8am-6pm. Outside of these hours, dialing 105 is the next best action. See this topic for more info. 

Your responsibilities:

  • Consumer unit (also know as a fuse box)
  • All the wiring from the consumer unit into their property and appliances
  • Meter box


You should contact a NICEIC-qualified electrician in the event of:

  • Shocks from appliance
  • Appliance causing fuse to trip
  • Sparking, smoking, overheated appliance
  • After meter towards house


Here are details of electricians from the NICEIC website but we can’t recommend any specific electrician.


Example of gas meter setup


Gas Transporter responsibilities

  • Incoming pipework
  • Emergency Control Valve (also known as the ECV or isolation valve)

OVO responsibilities

  • Inlet pipe (also known as flexi pipe or anaconda)
  • Regulator - this maintains the gas pressure to the meter
  • Meter - this records the gas consumption of all gas appliances in the property

Your responsibilities

  • Outgoing pipework from meter
  • Gas appliances


That’s it for our guide on who is responsible for what and who to contact. Have we missed anything? Leave a comment below to confirm...

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