Delay in setting up my Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) account - am I missing out on generation when the sun is out?

We had our solar panels fitted at the end of June. Sine then, despite six or seven emails to the FIT Team, all of which generate an automated response promising a reply within five working days, I have heard nothing. So much of the wonderful sunshine of the past few weeks is going to waste or certainly not going to my bank account. 

So almost two weeks ago I registered a complaint with OVO which resulted in me being informed of….guess what? You guessed it, they’ll aim to reply within five working days!!! Still heard nothing from them Absolutely shocking service from a company we have been with for a few years now and previously rated very highly

I would be soooo grateful to hear if anyone else is being ignored in the same way? 


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I’ve recently been advised that a smart export guarantee (SEG) applicant is only eligible for SEG once an export supply number (MPAN) has been created. As soon as that's been done we ask the customer for an opening reading which is the point they will be paid from. Unfortunately we cannot make payment for anything exported before then.


At the moment there’s a longer time frame than usual for applications and emails to the SEG team. Any customers still waiting to be set up may wish to cancel their SEG application with OVO and re-apply elsewhere as a different supplier may be able to register them quicker. It's not ideal by any means but unfortunately we can't process any quicker than we currently are.


We’ve made a guide on the Smart Export Guarantee here:




Yes as PeterR mentioned, if your solar panels are generating more energy than the house is consuming, it will get exported. That leads me to think the meter will be tracking it, @Osprey1. I may be wrong of course!


I’ve copied some info from this topic to make sure you know where to track export:


Our Smart meters do track how much energy you’re exporting if you’ve got solar panels. To take your export reading check the instructions for your meter type below:

For an ‘Aclara’ meter (Elec MSN has an 'M')


Electricity - There’s 2 buttons on an electricity meter. Pressing ‘B’ will cycle through all the menus on the meter screen and pressing  ‘A’ will cycle through all the sub menus. To take an electricity reading, press ‘A’ three times - ‘TOU rate 1’ will be the electricity reading. For Economy 7 members, pressing ‘A’ a fourth time will show the second reading labelled ‘TOU rate 2’.


To get your export, that’s on the first submenu. So press A repeatedly to toggle through till you see ‘Total active export’. 

I had Solar Panels fitted at the beginning of this year (2023) and applied for a SEG in February, submitting all the relevant documentation requested by ovo. . It is now late June, and I have still heard nothing other than automated email responses saying “we are very busy”.  How long does this go on for as I can’t understand how a simple request like this can take 6 months?  I plan to contact OFGEM this week to ask if all energy providers are this bad.

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Hi @NBones and welcome to this customer forum. I’ve no idea if it’s of any help but there are similar posts like this

There are a number who suggest a delay to set up

Have you made a complaint if you’re not satisfied? This will be needed before you can get the ombudsman to investigate

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Hey @NBones 


Really sorry to hear about this.


If you’ve not done so already, I’d give the SEG team a call on 0330 303 5063, and select ‘4’ on the IVR when instructed to do so. 

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Set my documents in over a month ago. Just rang the line in the forum above and the lady said that there is no information to give and there’s no timescale given for successful application is granted. Not very helpful but we’ll wait and see



I  want to take a moment to extend my congrats to OVO Energy, because on the 29th June 2023 they set up my SEG account.

This is  momentous occasion as it only took about 20 Hours of my life on the phone and no less than 1yr, 1 month and 12 days to complete (406 days to be precise).

Good job Guys / Girls!

I sent in all my documents in January. My installer provided a DNO from sp manweb and a pdf of the connection agreement. SP manweb also supplied a MPAN export number. I keep getting emails saying I haven’t supplied a DNO. I have called, emailed etc sent the documents numerous times but I just keep getting the same email saying they need a DNO in order to apply for an MPAN number. It’s like talking to a robot. I ask them to review the documents and the ask me to send a DNO. I’ve missed about £140 of seg so far. Got another email today asking for a DNO so they can apply for an MPAN number which I’ve sent them 5 times

i suppose a formal complaint is next and then a complaint to ofgem

Ok I hear and feel your pain - Here's my advice folks - Email will get you know where, with that said it has remained the media for conversation and providing info when I did get someone’s attention.

Calling customer service will also get you nothing more than - There is no info to share you will have wait.

What you need to do is call and raise a formal complaint, however be aware, there is a complaints team who do and achieve nothing and then there is the “Advanced Resolutions Team.”

From experience you might as well be speaking to my dog about it until you can get a dedicated point of contact in the Advanced Resolutions Team. (0330 102 7400). It wasn't until I managed to achieve this,  that I got any progress. Then it took me about another 3-4 weeks to get a result, but I will say my POC at ART was very empathetic and helpful. It is just about getting the attention of someone capable and interested

Finally robustly tell them they owe you the back dated £ for the energy they have had from you at 4p per Kw/h versus the 35p+ per Kw/h they sell it at to you.


Sink your teeth in and do not let get, you will have be forceful - Good luck

Thanks for that,

can I go straight to art or do I need some Ken’s of complain reference. They are now saying they will cancel the application if I do t get the documents to them in 10 days. They will never admit to receiving them….





Kind of complaints ref number 

Not sure to be honest, I would just call the ART number I provided and see what you can achieve - Good luck

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This may have been answered but if I was part way off applying for a seg application, keep getting reply emails saying.

DNO notification - In order to be eligible for the SEG tariff, you will need an export Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). For us to do this, we require a copy of the response that the DNO for your region sent to your installer's G59/G83/G98 or G99 application. This should be in the form of an email or letter sent from the DNO to your installer confirming that the application was accepted. Please contact your installer for a copy of this document if you do not currently have one.

I have spoken to installer who say that they don’t seem to have any issues with applying with octopus. My question is can I apply for a seg application through octopus if I’m not getting anywhere with OVO?



Yes you can apply for seg from any of the big suppliers. Currently octopus pay 15p per kWh to their own customers. I will certainly be thinking of moving my account and my seg to octopus if they are still around and if the market gets back to some form of normality. Particularly when OVO may have lost me at least 8 months of SEG.


just for info. What OVO has said they want is an email or a letter to my installer confirming acceptance of the g99 application…..even though the have a completion document referencing this and a signed agreement and a MPAN export number.

shame as all my experience with OVO outside of SEG has been very positive 

I had the same.

The request for an email or a letter confirming acceptance from DNO is not listed as one of the necessary docs required, however OVO SEG team came back to me after my initial application saying it was something they needed. This took about a month to get hold of from the DNO (aka SSE in y case). It wasn't made easier by SSE saying they weren't the infrastructure owner in my region. I helped them rethink when I reminded them they pay me annual rent for their electric pole located in my back yard - Clearly it is not just Ovo who struggle.

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After trying to go through OVO for seg grant decided enough was enough. Went through octopus and within 3 weeks, yesterday got the email and they have my starting expor reading. Really pleased. 

took reading from the smart meter and all so far is good. 

After 8months trying to sort SEG with OVO I got it set up with octopus. They did it over a weekend as I already had an MPAN export number from the DNO. My energy account will probably follow soon as I will then qualify for 14p per KWh. Can’t help thinking that OVO are purposely delaying. Don’t know why.

Btw OVO are still claiming they are missing information to allow them to apply for an MPAN. (Which I’ve had since January). Perhaps they don’t want customers with solar but they do have a statutory duty to offer SEG. 



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I agree. I joined octopus and went through really quickly with seg. Then joined octopus for import as well and able to swap over the the 14kwh rate for export as well. Happy days.  Then received an email from OVO saying haven’t received all the information and are closing the export request. Fair enough with octopus now. 

Good to hear you had a smooth changeover. I think a letter to offer might be in order as I guess I’ve lost 8 months of SEG. Maybe even a small claim


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Good to hear you had a smooth changeover. I think a letter to offer might be in order as I guess I’ve lost 8 months of SEG. Maybe even a small claim

If you haven’t already put in an official complaint

Then after 8 weeks if it isn't sorted you can ask the ombudsman for help

OVO have to comply with any energy ombudsman ruling. 

If OVO don't then you can ask the courts to enforce the ombudsman ruling which is legally binding. But honestly it shouldn't get to that. 


We made an application for the SEG payment scheme on 17.1.23 and we were asked for our meter reading on 30.5.23 which I sent straight away.  We have still not had any confirmation or recieved our MPAN number yet.  I phoned today and was told there was no trace of my application.  The lady I spoke to was on the FITS team although I had asked to be put through to the SEG team.  This seems a total farce and I am now awaiting a response from the complaints team

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Hi @josib 


I’m sorry to hear this. 


I know the team have had quite the backlog to work through of late.


If the team were unable to locate your application, it might be worth submitting your application again now, if you’ve not already done so while you await the complaints team getting in touch, but you can wait for them if you’d like.


I’ve linked below to a couple of similar topics which may be helpful to you:


When do you make payment to me? I have completed everything required and have received acknowledgement from you?

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Hi @Keith Hoskins , this is a customer forum and not a direct channel to OVO. You will need to contact customer support

I have contacted customer support many times, I get a timing but nothing happens. OVO pleads high pressure of work, but they have time to play about with these forums. But there again it is just us customers sending to each other!