Why has my usage doubled since my smart meter was installed?

  • 12 November 2018
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Hi @Eddy12345 - this sounds like a technical issue with the In Home Display device. You aren't charged from this information, you're charged according to the readings gathered directly from each meter. If you give the team a call on 0330 303 5063 they'll be able to arrange for a new IHD to be sent out.


It sounds like the meters haven't been 'commisioned'

Once commissioned, all the correct tariffs, standing charges, etc will be updated and usage will be then accurately given.

These smart meters aswell, are tried and  tested, just like normal meters are, obviously you do get the odd failing. 

Hi @PatCrowder@Mn11@Jlmjlm,

There could be a couple of things that have happened here to increase overall costs.

First let me say that having a smart meter installed won't directly increase your costs. There are no hidden costs to having one fitted, and your tariff won't change. There are two things that will change after getting a smart meter, though. Your bills will nolonger be estimated - if you hadn't provided regular reading previously then you bills may have been estimated and therefore not accurate. A smart meter will send us a reading when we need it to make sure you bill is spot on. The second is that the meter will clock accurately. Old meters (this does depend on how old your previous meter was) can slow down, or even speed up meaning they're not measuring your energy useage correctly. We'd only expect to see this with very old meters. A brand new meter, smart or otherwise, will clock what you're using accurately.

Further to this, the last few months have seen the weather getting colder - this inevitably means we have the heating on more, and likely have lighting and other electrical appliances on more as we're spending more time indoors while the nights are longer.

Another thing to consider is if you've renewed onto a new tariff recently. The unit rates and standing charges will likely have changed from your previous tariff. You can check the new rates on your "Profile" section online. Your old rates will be available on previous statements online too.

Hope this has helped explain. If you've got any more questions, please comment below!


Updated on 12/07/2019

Do changes in Tariff get updated on the Smart Meter so the cost you see is the cost you pay?  My Smart meter is a lot higher than the actual usage i see in the app / what i get billed.

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I think you’re referring to your In Home Display, @Darth Raider, when there is a tariff change the unit rates should update on the IHD to reflect the change. 

The IHD doesn’t reset monthly after a statement, this may explain the difference you’re seeing in your IHD and the statement, more info here

I hope this helps! 




I’d like to add my experience with having an Ovo smart gas meter installed. We moved into our house, much the same size as previous house but an older build which had British Gas smart meters.  We had been Ovo customers at our previous house, with smart meters, and swapped back to Ovo which meant the Smart meters had to be changed.  From the moment the gas meter was changed our bills rocketed.  After year we had the meter removed and tested which means a new meter is fitted. This cost us a little over £130.  After several months of chasing we finally got the results of the meter test which said it was working fine.  We had no further avenue to challenge the gas usage HOWEVER since the replacement gas meter was fitted, usage has reverted back to what it was prior to the first Ovo smart meter so in effect our £130 pounds was worth paying out. There remains no doubt in my mind that must have been as issue with the gas meter we had tested as nothing else explains the excessive usage we incurred whilst it was fitted but neither before it was fitted nor after it was removed.  Nothing else changed in the house or with the occupancy.  We are no longer with Ovo needless to say.