Who do I contact to upgrade the main fuse 'service head'?

  • 1 February 2019
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we are having a new kitchen fitted with lots of high tec appliances.
I have been told by my electrician that because the new hob draws power of 48 amps we need to have our service head upgraded and the tails also need upgrading.
He told me to contact my energy supplier to arrange this but I’m having trouble getting through.
Who do I contact to sort this service head out for me if I can't speak to OVo?

Appreciate any advice


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Updated on 07/12/23 by Abby_OVO

This isn't something OVO would be authorised to alter due to the company not actually owning the service head, this would be an issue to raise with the power distribution network in your area.


Here is a link to a map showing the different DNO "distribution network operators" and the relevant contact details for each DNO.


We’ve got more advice on who to contact about upgrading your main fuse on this great user guide. If your meter tails are currently below 25 mm these may also need replacing to allow for the main fuse upgrade. Speak to our Support Team to discuss whether this is needed and make a maintenance booking if so. You could also request a meter tail upgrade as part of a smart meter installation!

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