Why has my final bill charged me beyond my move-out date?

I moved out of my house recently, I provided final meter readings on line and rang and spoke to a OVO employee to confirm that we moved out on the date of the final meter readings. Why does my final bill include several days after the date of moving?


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Hi @Disgruntled house mover and welcome to the OVO online community,


I’m really sorry to hear about the move out date mix-up and wait to get this sorted on the phone. It sounds like your account may have been on our legacy billing platform which might explain why your call was transferred.


As this team can get busy I appreciate it might be a longer than usual wait to get through. It might be worth sending the team an email from your registered email address to highlight the correct move out date. The team should be able to re-issue your final statement to the correct date, however they may require additional evidence (such as a dated tenancy agreement) if there’s any confusion or overlap in liability,


I hope we can get this sorted quickly for you.

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My online account has things disappearing,  I am glad I have printed stuff out.


My original bills changed then selves, and removed the electric charges other than the standing charges.  They have now reverted back, printed out and in a file.


list showing all the meter readings submitted GONE I have photo of these.


Usage Bar chart, now only show gas usage bars not  electric, I have printed these out yesterday, it does still show  at the top gas to date, electric to date.


I did submit a reading on Monday this was the last reading I could submit, it was 72771, readings given to Octopus this morning 72790 difference 19


what will go next.I am worried that Ovo are going to mess up my final billing on the electric. So that I will not get my credit back easily.,I know it can take 6 weeks 

I am now officially with Octopus from today.

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Well it all sounds like it’s moving. Keep us posted as it’s useful to know the stages of a move from OVO to Octopus. Good that you’re keeping copies of everything, that meter reading sounds reasonable  for a day’s use. 

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Received an email re bill not my closing bill, I think it’s because I no longer have a DD set up,  I don’t know, it shows my last 5 months, but the system knows I have switched does the system not talk to each other, it is suggesting I set one up.


“Your latest energy bill is ready, so you can see what you’ve used and spent between 28 June 2022 and 27 October 2022.”




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@Kittykat59 you are rapidly becoming the expert on moving to octopus!! Have they set up your account yet?

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Yes all set officially from yesterday, had DD  on Monday saying I had cancelled my DD.  Then this morning an email show my charges less payments an 5 bills attached inviting me to reset up the DD, then put my energy rebate on yesterday so abit more credit apparently an independent  body view the final reading s and then Ovo has to agree. They can dispute

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Also had a credit put on my gas bill contract correction rebate


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Great ! All sounds good. You may even get an actual octopus if you get a smart meter (if they’re still doing that!) and you can try the Octopus Saving Sessions too if the timings work for you.

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This is not about the 9 units as such it’s only 9 units, but the process.  OVO has put an estimated reading on my account 72799, reading submitted to Octopus to pass along was 72790, if the independent body send 72790 , will Ovo use this to dispute the reading and delay the situation

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This is not about the 9 units as such it’s only 9 units, but the process.  OVO has put an estimated reading on my account 72799, reading submitted to Octopus to pass along was 72790, if the independent body send 72790 , will Ovo use this to dispute the reading and delay the situation

In my experience such a small difference didn't hold up the process. Obviously depends on the suppliers and situation. 

I had a small difference but larger than 9 when i switched suppliers, i sent the receiving supplier a copy of my final bill. They didn't bother raising a dispute for such a small amount, simply credited my account with an appropriate amount of cash.

Hopefully there is a level of pragmatic decision making with suppliers 😊

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I keep you updated,this was online not had the bill yet


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I just want to clarify, I have always paid by DD , my credit is about 340.00 this will not go down , I cancelled by DD as you have them in the system, I saw in another post by Tim OVO I think who said that if the DD is cancelled, the credit will still go back to the bank, can anyone confirm.   I did reset the DD for 5.00 but would rather not have a live DD.


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You should be careful there. Cancelling a DD also nukes the easiest refund option OVO can offer. You can still get a final refund of course, but it may take much longer and may have to be by cheque.

It’s safest to leave the DD active until after the account has totally closed down. If it’s not used for 13 months, it gets destroyed by the bank anyway.

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Well I have set it for 5.00 I hope that I would not have to chase the refund, I am also concerned that I will be chasing this refund when it should be automated. 

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Hey @Kittykat59,


Thanks for your question.


As long as there was a direct debit on the account, we’ll have your details in order to be able to refund you. You don’t need an active direct debit anymore to get a final refund to your bank account. 




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My final reading for electric has popped my account so now has final reading for electric and gas account 347.00 in credit, I clicked the refund button, and it said as I was switching it would have to wait for final readings, will the system automatically know I need a refund or will I have to chase..


it would have to 

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Just read my emails , 12.18 you bill has been produced, 12.18 we working. On your refund, 12.19 you have cancelled you DD we won’t be able to collect any payments from you,  DD  had been reset for 5.00 per month so They knew there a live one on the account, and it shows at my bank. 12.20 we are working on your refund. Please advise. 


just concerned there going to be a problem



Set up a new Direct Debit, to carry on paying lower rates

Hello Marion,

We’ve noticed that you’ve cancelled your Direct Debit. That means we won't be able to collect your payments. 

It costs less to pay by Direct Debit on your variable plan 

This is because it’s cheaper for us to manage your account when you pay that way. 

Now you’ve cancelled yours, you’ll pay after your bill arrives instead

We call this paying On Demand. It costs slightly more. 

To avoid paying the higher rates, just set up a new Direct Debit online

It’s quick and easy – head over to your online account. 

Set up a new Direct Debit

We’ll recommend a monthly amount for your Direct Debit, to cover the energy we think you’ll use. 

This simple tool will help you understand how the Direct Debit we recommend 



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This might just be a blip in the road as they’ve reacted to you removing then replacing your dd. They have your bank details and know you’re switching, the message ‘we’re working on your refund’ sounds like all is well. Hopefully the next step will be they’ve processed you refund 🤞🏻


I moved house on 11th November 2022 and subsequently received my final bill after submitting my readings.  On receipt of the bill I received a refund of the credit £649.66 promptly in my bank which I was happy with.  I did notice however the Gas was calculated using an estimated figure for some reason (actual 30246 estimated 30239).  I messaged to update meter read, didnt hear back.  

1 month later, I received a 2nd final bill saying I was £20.86 in debit?

1 further month and 3rd final bill I was now £78.51 after for some un known reason OVO credited me £57.65 in my bank?  

So cut to this month and I’m now receiving the threatening emails saying I must make arrangements to pay this £78.51 or further action will take place?  I’m confused why they paid me any money just to ask for it back - I assumed at the time of receipt it was some sort of final refund and didn’t think anything of it?  None of the 2nd or 3rd final bills mention the meter reads so I’ve no idea if they was updated either - any one any help or advice, should I just pay it and cut my losses?  I don’t want to pay it and get a 4th final bill next month for more ha.


Many thanks


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Hi @davedjc84 , can you check your end meter reading to see what has been used? That might be a good start, then also check if they’ve used actual or estimated readings. 
No idea about the credit/debit bit 

Perhaps see if billing can explain 

Accounts/Billing  -  tel:08000699831

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Hey @davedjc84,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


Support would be best placed to assist with your query as they’ll have access to your account notes, and any re-bills that have taken place. I’m wondering if the additional refund might have anything to do with an Energy Bills Support Scheme payment?


Sometimes when a customer moves out of a property and doesn’t submit meter readings, the new tenants submit actual readings when they move in which means we have to issue a re-bill. If you have photos of your final meter readings I’d advise submitting these through web messenger. It may be that the new tenants have submitted a higher reading that the ones you took when you left the property.


Keep us posted with how you get on. 

Hi I’m in the same boat I pay my monthly bill on time etc. never had a issue I logged into my account it said £197 credit where I can get refund as I over paid so they accepted and gave my refund to thsn find out I’m in a debit of £724 keeps going up in so baffled and confused as it’s error from there side now this refund they gave is affecting my account n now I’m on debit which is so confusing I get I must of used more than my actual price but for it be increased to £724 out of no where is confusing I have raised  this and on the high priority list been a week just waiting for them to get back to me as no way I can afford to pay this much whne it was their error if I knew this will happen I wouldn’t ask for the refund it was in credit that’s why 

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Hey @Shu7860,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


Your statements you can download as pdf’s from your Online Account should give some clues about where the arrears has come from, and also your meter readings page. We don’t have access to your account here on the Forum, but if you upload and screenshot of your meter readings we may be able to spot any anomalies. Please don’t include any personal details in the screenshot. 



Let’s help get to the bottom of this. 

I’m at my wits end with OVO. I sold my flat and completed on 7th August. I received a final bill up to the 6th September, a month after the new person had moved in. I’ve emailed and had no response, I’ve spent numerous hours on the phone trying to get through but no-one ever answers, I’ve had two painfully long online chat sessions where each time, the person just left me hanging on so long that eventually it was closing time, but no-one told me, so I was still waiting. I’ve even raised a formal complaint and had no response from you. After all this I sent a ‘moving home’ message and actually got a response, so I thought great, now it will be sorted, but oh no, I still just keep getting loads of reminders for the original, incorrect amount and now today you’ve threatened me with debt collectors. I cannot believe how appalling the customer service is. How are you allowed to treat people this way and cause so much stress. I obviously have no choice now but to go to the ombudsman, but this whole fiasco is so silly, when you could have sorted it out easily from my first contact. I don’t blame the customer support staff, in fact I can’t imagine how awful it must be dealing with so many unhappy customers, but the management there should hang their heads in shame.

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Hi @Yvie

Sorry to hear that. You are not alone in saying how difficult it is to contact ovo. Customers raise the issue every day. 

Just so you know this is primarily a customer forum where ovo customers help each other out. I don't work for ovo. 

You may already know this. Here are a few suggestions. 

I see you have already raised a complaint so OVO have 8 weeks to try and resolve from the date of the complaint.

Once that 8 weeks is up you can go to the Ombudsman.

I suspect the ovo meter reading dispute process will be triggered. This can occur for a number of reasons, for example the final reading you think it is, is different to what the new occupants have said it is. Obviously impossible to know. Just so you know this isn't a quick process.... Up to 14 weeks. 

You could try calling the OVO collections team and ask them to freeze their action while your complaint is investigated 

0800 0699 831

You could try emailing the ovo CEO team if you are not happy. Obviously no guarantee that will speed things up. The email addresses are on the complaints page.

You could leave a review on the ovo trust pilot site if you want to let other customers know about your case.