Why has my final bill charged me beyond my move-out date?

I moved out of my house recently, I provided final meter readings on line and rang and spoke to a OVO employee to confirm that we moved out on the date of the final meter readings. Why does my final bill include several days after the date of moving?


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What did OVO say when you called customer service and asked them why your bill has additional days?

I never managed to get through to ask! after 20 mins got through to Linda who took my account number, said my account was on apollo (don’t know what that is) and said she needed to transfer me somewhere else, after another 20 mins wait I gave up & posted the question here.  

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Hi @Disgruntled house mover and welcome to the OVO online community,


I’m really sorry to hear about the move out date mix-up and wait to get this sorted on the phone. It sounds like your account may have been on our legacy billing platform which might explain why your call was transferred.


As this team can get busy I appreciate it might be a longer than usual wait to get through. It might be worth sending the team an email from your registered email address to highlight the correct move out date. The team should be able to re-issue your final statement to the correct date, however they may require additional evidence (such as a dated tenancy agreement) if there’s any confusion or overlap in liability,


I hope we can get this sorted quickly for you.

Thanks Jess, do you know the email address for that team? It’s not obvious on the website

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It should be if memory serves.