Why can't landlords advise you of new tenants online?

It’s very frustrating contacting OVO to inform of changes to tenancies - it takes so long.  Why isn’t your website capable of accepting these changes?  Is it really necessary for me to spend the best part of an hour listening to music whilst on hold, just to tell you a few dates and details which I could easily do online?

In this day and age I think it wise to update your systems, making it easier to inform you of changes.  Stating that you need to talk to a customer before you set up an account or alter details seems a little unique when other companies do not.


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We can now accept new tenant details from third parties like landlords or letting agents. They will need to call us to provide the new tenant details and the tenant will be put onto the Variable, Simpler Tariff. 

Hey @ttbyellowbelly,


If you’re moving out of a property this can be processed via your online account, check out this helpful guide: 



If you’re moving into a property supplied by OVO you can sign up here.



Hope this helps.

I'm not moving out, my tenant is.  I'm not moving in either, a new tenant is.  😥 

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Normally it’s the tenants who would contact OVO, one out and one in. If there’s a period when the property is empty it’s the landlord who has to ‘move in’ and ‘move out’ to cover the void. Is there a reason why you feel you should do this for the tenant @ttbyellowbelly ?

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It’s probably also worth mentioning that OVO is more security conscious than some other suppliers and is - quite understandably - much more strict about their anti-fraud measures than the average supplier.

It makes sense really, because whoever is going to pay the bill should be the one to know that they’ve been committed to paying the bill.

I am the Landlord and I have readings for gas and electricity for the interim period while I found a new tenant . I don’t have any details on the account because my tenants have been there for 7 years. I just want to send in readings from when tenants moved out and when new ones will move in . 

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Hi @Ashleyausten ,

Please set this up by phone on 0330 303 5063

I’m letting a house to students. How can I get them to take over the gas and electric bills

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Hi @Penderyn , maybe this thread will help 

You should see that OVO now take info on this basis

The property I have used to have gas and electric installed. When I bought the property which was bought from builder after a renovation (block of 15 flats) in September 2021 the property was electric only and that was only thing I was paying for on an economy 7.

I rented property out and tenant moved supply over to you. The meter got changed from economy 7 to single rate meaning no heating in flat and have now started to charge for gas. I assume you installed a meter to connect to the flat.

The tenant hasn’t been paying for the gas. I want to take over the electric bill to have economy 7 put back into flat as without heating my flat is stating to have issues. Yet when I tried to do a switch to UW you have declined the switch.

I am not a customer of yours. I only want electric in my name as I’ve taken over property again and for you to sort out the gas issue with tenant and have it restored to how it was prior to you supplying gas to an electric only apartment. Yet you are not allowing this and are causing more issues.

Ive tried calling but you won’t listen to me. Please advise on what I can do or do I just go to energy ombudsman 

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Hi @SarahJ77 


I’m sorry about this situation.


You’ve mentioned you’re not a customer of ours but are trying to contact us is that correct? Does that mean you’ve not set an account up yet since the tenant moved out? 


If that’s the case, you’ll need to contact the Support Team to set up an account before you can take any action like have a gas meter removed. They’ll set the account up for the date in which the tenant moved out/ you became liable for the property again. This means the tenant will be billed for any gas/electric unpaid, and you’d only be charged from the date you took back over. 


There’s a list of engineer jobs on the topic below, including for a gas meter removal if that’s what you wish for:



Unfortunately we don’t have access to accounts here at the Forum so you’ll need to get in touch with the Support Team who can assist with this.


Hope this helps.