Moving into a new property - how do I get access to the online account?

Hi, I spoke to someone on the phone two days ago and set up a direct debit and chose a pay monthly option for my new home. I was told I would receive a confirmation email to set up my account online and review what I signed up but I still haven't got this and it's been two days. Please could you tell me when you will send the confirmation email so I can set up an account online? I want to do this before my direct debit comes out so I can check it's all accurate and give most up to date meter readings. Thank you



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Welcome to OVO and your new home!


Great that you’ve already found how to set-up an account with us, as we’re currently supplying the energy there. Even if you’re planning on switching suppliers we’ll need a temporary account created in order to cover the period before your switch. When we create your account we’ll check the date you moved in and the meter readings on this date and create you an account starting from this point. 


As you’ve already got this arranged during a call to our Support Team the next thing to look out for is your welcome email, this should arrive within an hour of signing up. As always best to check that pesky junk folder in case it ends up there. If you’re still waiting, get in touch with the team who can double-check everything’s on track. Sometimes a sneaky typo in your email address can mean you haven’t received this email as expected. 

Once you’ve received the welcome email head on over to our login page or download the OVO app (available for Android or iOS). You’ll need to enter your email address (the same email address we sent the welcome email to) and click ‘first time logging in’. You’ll then be sent an email link to set up your password. Once you’ve picked a suitable password (with at least 8 characters, a capital letter, lowercase letter, number, symbol and all that jazz) you’re in!


Exact appearance may vary


We’ve got more advice on getting the most out of your online account on these great guides and did we mention how great smart meters were yet? :smirk:


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I’m the new tenant in the flat, and I’m trying to create an account for the account number of the old tenant but it won’t let me. I’m conscious that I’m now 2 months in arrears. 

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You need to set up a completely new account. This page tells you what to do.

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A good guide here @jhsphx 


i have the same problem and this for ovo is not new. i have read this problem was just 2 years ago and still now you have the same problem. call your IT to fix this issues because is something stressful and yesterday i was for more than 2 hours to the comp and the message was you are the first please wait but no one have talk more with me. 👿 

I have exactly this same problem. I am a new tenant. I register my email and got email from ovo to set up account online, I click on that link provide my details, but they are also requesting from me account number, which obviously I don’t have as I am new and it doesn’t let me go through registration without this number, so it is impossible for a new tenant to set up an account. 

So how I am suppose to do it, if the ovo web doesn’t let you do it?  And please do not tell me to call customer service as I have bad anxiety with making phone calls and I will not do it. 

Is there a chat option ?


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You need to set up an account via first. Only after that can you set up an online account

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Have you been through the process of setting up a new account?


There is a chat option on the website but it's only available at certain hours.





Thank you, I was doing it differently, now I use the link you guys provided, I filled all answers and on the end it says ‘OOps there is a problem…… try it later”

This link you provided is to do a switch, but I did not have electricity on my name yet, so this is my first time. Can it be the issue? 

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Sorry for the issues you’re having, 


The links Community Members@M.isterW and@Blastoise186 have provided are the correct links. If you are having an issue please call Support on 0330 303 5063 and they can set up your new account over the phone.